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Expelled Afghans from Pakistan concern over their uncertain fate

The government of Pakistan, in an unprecedented move, has started expelling almost all Afghans residing in the country. Pakistan initially gave Afghans a deadline to leave the country, and after that, it began the process of arresting and deporting them. According to the Pakistani government, this operation will be carried out in stages, and expelled Afghan refugees, some of whom have been residing in Pakistan for decades, do not have the right to transfer their assets and properties to prevent any adverse impact on Pakistan’s economy. Although the Pakistani government claims to be identifying and deporting undocumented Afghans, some of the expelled migrants say that despite having legal documents, they were arrested by the police and forcibly returned to Afghanistan. Afghans are being expelled from Pakistan at a time when their country is undergoing significant turmoil and increased unemployment. The weak economy and high unemployment rate have made it challenging for these deportees to face economic hardships. Some of the expelled refugees, including women returning from Pakistan to their country, describe their future in Afghanistan as uncertain and complex. Volker Türk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, finds the situation of returned women and girls from Pakistan concerning, stating that these women are at risk of serious harm. Nigar, one of the women expelled from Pakistan and relocated to a temporary camp in northern Kabul, says it has been six days since she returned to the country with her family, and she is worried about the fate of her family. “I had heard that poverty and unemployment have increased in Afghanistan in the past two years, and now we have returned to the same country that has been experiencing this problem for years,” Nigar said. Pakistan has announced an unprecedented decision to expel more than one million undocumented Afghan refugees starting from November of the current year. According to OCHA, more than 327,000 Afghan refugees have already returned to their country. The Minister of Information and Public Relations in the Balochistan province of Pakistan asserted that Afghanistan has now become safe, and Afghan migrants should return to their country. “The government’s effort is to send all illegal migrants back to their country by January, and after that, we will determine the time for the remaining Afghans in Pakistan. As the home war in Afghanistan has now ended, all Afghans must return to their homes,” Achakzai said. On the other hand, some Afghan refugees in Pakistan who have legal documents are also concerned about their uncertain future in that country. They urge international organizations and authorities in Kabul and Islamabad to take action to address the challenges they face. “We demand clarity from the police. Afghan migrants who are engaged in businesses in Pakistan, and their accounts are left with Pakistani brethren, need clarification on their situation with Pakistani counterparts,” said Malik Awal Khan, the representative of Afghan refugees in Pakistan. The United Nations also declared that the unfair expulsion of Afghan refugees from Pakistan has had an impact. This action puts many people at risk of human rights violations. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.