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Expectations from Doha meeting!

Afghanistan Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Amir Khan Muttaqi, heading a delegation, left for Doha early this week to meet representatives of Qatar and other countries particularly the US delegation led by Thomas West, Special Representative for Afghanistan to hold wide-ranging talks. Although the Islamic Emirate and United States authorities have not commented on the talks in details, acting minister of foreign affairs Amir Khan Muttaqi before leaving to Doha said in a short interview at the Kabul Airport that the Afghan delegation would hold talks with US delegation on freezing Afghanistan central bank’s foreign assets, lifting sanctions, the issue of blacklist and ways of positive engagement and others. Afghan experts believe that such talks can further improve the relations between the Islamic Emriate and world. The talks can also help both sides hear each other and create a common language and understanding between the IEA and world. This comes as the Islamic Emirate is on the threshold of marking its second year in power. Although the Islamic Emirate has taken speedy steps towards maintaining security, economic development, eradication of poppy cultivation, reduction in corruption and forming a strong central government, the international community has not taken step to recognize the Islamic Emirate as a legal government of Afghanistan. Afghan experts believe that the international community particularly the west use the IEA recognition issue as a political tool and exert pressure on the Islamic Emirate to accept a range of their demands and suggestions in exchange of the recognition. The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly insisted on political solution of the issue, but it does not mean that the IEA will accept all suggestions and demands of the western countries. For the Islamic Emirate, Islamic and national values are the Islamic Emirate’s red lines as they fought for years to protect these values. Both the Islamic Emirate and international community have a range of obligations and responsibilities and either side should take brave steps to fulfil them. The international community is obliged not to play with the rights of Afghan nation. They should go ahead with releasing the central bank’s foreign assets and recognize the Islamic Emirate as a legal government of Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate is needed to take advantage of the opportunity and go ahead with some understanding with the international community and show flexibility in issues that are not against the Islamic and national values. Abu Sufia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.