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Exclusive interview: Efforts underway to end irregularities in Kabul traffic, official

One of the growing problems increased in recent weeks, is some
irregularity and disorder in Kabul traffic.
The Kabul Municipality is now seeking ways to address the problems and end traffic irregularities in the capital.
The municipality in close coordination with city traffic and ministry of interior of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) are jointly working to address the problems and bring order back on Kabul roads and streets.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, municipality director for culture and social affairs Mohammad Edris Hassan pointed to the recent works of the Kabul municipality in bringing order in the city said that the municipality was working on some short, mid and long-term plans in the city’s 22 districts to bring order back to the city.
He said that Kabul municipality in close coordination and agreement of the government and private institutions particularly Kabul traffic department, MoI and relevant departments of Kabul municipality were jointly working to implement the plans in the city.
Given the current traffic situation of Kabul traffic, does the Kabul Municipality have plans for these problems and change the city, which currently does not seem to be a capital at all?  Mohammad Edris Hassan said the Kabul Municipality has immediate and effective plans to change the image of the city, as you can see some effective measures taking place.
He further said that the examples of such measures can be witnessed in different parts of the city. However, the role of media
and public cooperation is key to effectively implement such plans
and policies.
“For organizing roadside carts and vendors, the Kabul Municipality has considered various plans that are currently being implemented in the most busy parts and roads of the city. The handcarts are allocated in particular places for their businesses. Besides, we are also working to build iron stalls.”
A number of Kabul residents said that the city of Kabul does not have the capacity of large population as the people of various provinces are mostly living in Kabul. Consequently, the roads and traffic system have been deteriorated the traffic situation and traffic authorities are not able to find solution for the growing traffic problems. What is your opinion about this concern?
Hassan said that the Kabul Municipality and traffic authorities have plans to address the problems, adding that a lot of changes would be seen in the near future.
On the other side, some people believe that roads blockage and traffic jam have also caused serious environmental and air pollution in the city. It is clear that Kabul is a small city and the housing and road schemes had been once planned for some 500,000 people.
However, the current population of the city has jumped to more than 6 million. This is another reason the city has become overloaded.
We would like to know whether Kabul Municipality has considered any taxation for those who have roadside carts and stalls, as many of these cart holders told The Kabul Times that they were asked to pay high taxes, which has raised their concern in this regard.
“The tax of roadside carts is set as per each meter square, which has not been determined yet. However, the amount of tax will be imposed in accordance to the economic situation of the country, Hassan said, adding that Kabul Municipality is planning to change the Kabul city to a capital of the country with the help and cooperation of the residents.
He further said that they were also planning to plant saplings all over the city on a large scale, which would improve environmental conditions.
According to some experts, the concentration of administrative and commercial centers in a single part of the city has caused the hustle and bustle on the roads.

A significant number of people leave their homes in the early dawn
and return their homes late in the dusk at the same times, which is
another reason the roads constantly face congestion.
Other reasons that have caused the growing problems in the city are the narrowness of roads, violation of traffic regulations, drivers who don’t know of traffic rules and regulations and road blockages for security issues in areas where embassies and other government agencies are located.
In addition, many of the roads have no traffic lights and signs at all and a large number of mobile carts wander on the roads. Even though, various relevant departments and institution of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have taken some steps to address traffic problems in the city, they were not on the level to address all the
growing problems in the capital. What is most important is the
close cooperation of the people with relevant government organs.
should as without close cooperation and participation of the people, the government relevant organ cannot address the current challenges and problems in the city.
Therefore, people should try their best to follow traffic rules, avoid congesting in restricted places, which will somehow help reduce traffic jam and road congestion problems.

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