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Everyone has the right to access justice

The Council of Ministers (CM) of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
(IEA), during its last meeting, discussed various issues among
them personal file of an ex-commander who was tortured by some
security personel, prior to be taken to court.
The CM meeting urged the related organs to seriously investigate
into his case and legally deal with the perpetrators.
The truth is that the decision made by the IEA cabinet members
was not only about the said commander’s file, nor it is the first ever
incident discussed by the cabent, but anyone violating other rights
should be taken to justice and those violated should be supported
and their rights defended.
Few rank and file, belonging to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
may have made some mistakes to do something wrong against some
certain individuals and violated their rights in some parts of the country;
perhaps for their unfamiliarity with law as the situation changed
swiftly, but it doesn’t represent the main goal of the Islamic Emirate.
Meantime, all security personnel of the IEA are not experienced
enough to treat with the people in accordance with their rights, and
some of their misconducts shouldn’t be interpreted as their intentionally
breaching of the law.
The officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) continue
working for the people based on their main missions and dealing with
them transparently, while hearing their problems and reading their
petitions and do their best to help the people of different strata get
access to justice.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes in all countrymen’s
legal rights and is committed to defend them as it is obvious that
justice is now ensured better than the previous systems.
The main principles of justice and equality should fully be regarded
by the entire IEA related administrations.
All government administrations including security, justice and judicial
organs should be notified that they have only the responsibility of
serving the country and the nation without any types tribal, linguistic
and racial discriminations and this will be the only way to win the
people trust and bridge any gap between the people and the responsible

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.