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Europe to help Afghan refugees residing in Iran, Pakistan

By: Shukria Kohistani

The Europe Commission proclaimed its fresh assistance package to support Afghan refugees residing in Iran and Pakistan.
This package of assistance consisting 21 million euros and it is planned this sum to be spent for maintaining of initial requirements of refugees from among them water, healthcare and education in these two neighboring nations.
The special commissioner of crisis management in Europe commission during proclamation of this package has said the European Union is standing beside Afghan people from among them with those Afghans who were wandering to neighboring countries. I appreciate Iran and Pakistan for acceptance of millions Afghan refugees.
He asserted that this assistances to be spent in education, healthcare and other requirements of Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan.
On the other, the commissioner of European Commission didn’t cleared when these assistance to be delivered to host countries.
He also didn’t detailed about the standard of these assistance which would be owned by Iran and Pakistan so that to be spent for supporting Afghan refugees in those neighboring countries.
Based on some reports the urgent assistance of European Union to be rendered to those refugee families who suffered from climate change of Baluchistan states and Kashmir of Pakistan who sustained losses during fleeding of south Iran last year.
According to related sources with proclamation of new European Union aid package the financial aid of this union to Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan from 2016 till 2020 reaches to 300 million euros. Afghanistan is enumerated from among countries with starting main part of refugees in the world.
According to ministry of refugees and repatriates from 2002 to 2018, ten million and 365 thousands Afghan refugees returned home. But now 5.6 million Afghan refugees are living as Vagabond in other countries while majority of them are living in Iran and Pakistan.
Last week an international forum was held in Islamabad under the title of 40 years hosting of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and new partnership for solidarity and the aid of European Union was also proclaimed in this forum.
At the same time, minister of refugees and repatriates says that within recent five years, about four million families have been displaced in the country because of war and economic problems.
In a briefing with media in Kabul, minister of refugees and repatriates, Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi has said that from among them the problems of two million families have been addressed.
Alemi added that his ministry is working on a roadmap to address the displaced problems.
According to Alemi Balkhi the factors behind displacement or refuging of Afghan citizens are war and economic problems.
This is in a time that the special representative of European Union for Afghanistan tweeted from $23 million aid of this union to Afghan refugees returned from Iran and Pakistan.
It is mentionable that from the beginning of 2020 to date, about 28000 refugees returned from Iran and Pakistan to their homeland.

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