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EU supporting Afghanistan peace process

European Delegation in Afghanistan supports Afghanistan peace process and peace talks with the Taliban group and sees considerable changes between negotiating sides. EU Delegation in Afghanistan is considering peace talks with armed opponent group of Afghanistan government as the only way for solution of the ongoing war in the country.
As efforts are underway in national and international level for ending the 17-year war in Afghanistan, EU Delegation in Afghanistan says the ongoing peace efforts will result in maintaining security in the country.
“This is a good news as warring sides have shown positive step towards reaching peace in the country,” EU ambassador to Afghanistan Pierre Mayaudon said.
Mayaudon says it is very important how we can convince the warring sides for talks. “I think there is sufficient impetus and motivation for peace in the country as both sides have shown inclination for peace; therefore, I think such opportunities will finally bring peace to the people of Afghanistan,” EU ambassador to Afghanistan added.
Pierre Mayaudon assured of the EU’s continued and practical cooperation towards maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan.
All countries involved in Afghanistan issue have now concluded that peace and stability in the country are for the benefit of all and the ongoing war must be stopped.
EU ambassador’s remarks have come amid meetings held between US officials and representatives of the Taliban group in UAE in presence of representatives of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan.
Although representatives of the Taliban group have not accepted face to face talks with negotiating team of Afghanistan government, a spokesperson to US secretary of state in Abu Dhabi has said it has been part of efforts to provide pavement for direct talks between Afghans.
Meanwhile, an Afghan political expert ShahzadaMasoud by considering the ongoing peace efforts as positive said Afghanistan government should not be sidelined in ongoing peace talks with the Taliban group. The UAE government in a statement said on Wednesday that the United Arab Emirates hosted the US-Taliban reconciliation talks in Abu Dhabi, with the participation of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
The two-day Afghan reconciliation conference fructified in tangible results that are positive for all parties concerned.
Another round of talks will be held in Abu Dhabi to complete the Afghanistan reconciliation process.
Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates extend their thanks to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as well as the US, Pakistani and Taliban delegations for their effective participation and support for ensuring the success of the conference.
Door for peace talks is open. Peace talks between the warring sides in Abu Dhabi come at a time when Afghanistan issue has entered to its new dimension as the government has suggested an overall peace offer to the Taliban group. In the meantime, direct talks between the US and the Taliban group have been started and now efforts are underway for direct talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group.
Lailuma Noori

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