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EU drafts peace plan to Afghanistan

The Presidential Palace says that European Union drafts a practical reliable peace plan to Afghanistan.
Deputy presidential spokesman Shah Hussein Murtazawi said that the EU plan would be shared with Afghanistan as an important part of the plan would be on solving of migrants problem, nomads and IDPs and gradual repatriation of Afghan refugees.
It is not precisely clear when the EU would share its peace plan with the Afghan government. Murtazawi did not provide further details on this plan.
At the same time, the CEO also expresses unawareness on EU peace plan.
The EU peace plan must be made in consultation with Afghans. In reaction to EU peace plan, a number of political analysts said that this plan should be prepared with Afghans consultation.
Political commentator Wadir Safi said, if the EU or US make peace plan to Afghanistan, it should be in consultation with Afghans and be adaptable with Afghanistan socio, economic, political, cultural, religious and geographical situations otherwise it would fail.
Safi added, if the Afghan people are unaware of the foreign made peace plan, I think it would not be effective, so this plan should be adaptable with our situations and be implemented after our people approval.
He said, general formulas of EU peace plan should be based on agreement of anti-Afghan government armed militants. But the latter should accept the constitution and at the same time the women rights and achievements should be preserved.
EU special envoy for Afghanistan Ronald Kobia has recently said that he support Afghanistan peace process and is ready on each stage of peace talks process to cooperate the Afghan government.
Calling Afghan led and owned peace as a need Kobia added, peace is very important but the values must be protected.
The EU envoy emphasized that the Afghan government could play central role in peace process and could improve more national, regional consensus.
Generalization of peace process was one of the EU commitments to the Afghan government in Geneva meeting on Nov 28.2018 in which the EU had committed cooperation in five fields with the Afghan government. These five fields include generalization of peace process, introducing of reforms on governance including security sector, reintegration of refugees and IDPs, trade and regional connection and playing possible role of a guarantor in the field of peace agreements.
The EU drafts Afghan peace plan at a time that two months ago, president Ghani had announced Afghan government peace plan according to this plan the peace process would last at least five years. In president Ghani’s peace plan emphasize took place on Afghans ownership of peace.
The plan says that the Afghan government is seeking such a peace based on which Taliban would be part of a democratic and inclusive society and the rights of Pan Afghan citizens including women be observed.
The president peace plan says that subversive activities of foreign terrorists networks must be stopped and prevented, Afghanistan must be independent, and reliable peace should not be victimized for short term interests. Otherwise previous violences would be restarted extensively and current and future generations would be posing with misfortune and annihilation.
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