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Equipping Afghan Air Forces

No doubt it is a clear fact that current devastating war has been inflicted since over four decades on innocent Afghan people by aliens particularly their spy agencies.
The first victims of this inauspicious war have been Afghans and it has shaken the world community too. Therefore, it is needed that the US, NATO members plus the rest of the world community collectively concentrate strong attention on foiling of enemies and terrorists’ subversive activities and their main masterminds and supporters and discovery of their sinister plans and plots and further equip and improve ANDSF particularly Afghan Air Forces and take immediate steps.
It would enable AAF to exploit available resources with full intelligence, use their utmost power and strike these diabolical elements in their sanctuaries and hideouts and raze their nasty plans to the ground and pave the way of a peaceful and reliable prosperous life to war hit Afghan people.
It should be said that at present taking into account the ongoing situation at national and regional level and the terrorist activities and problems stem from conflicting situation and threats the combat spirit of ANSF on the battlefields are very high and encouraging and ANSF have repeatedly expressed unique heroism and devotion and are further ready to offer more sacrificesfor progress of Afghanistan and defense of dignified Afghan people sincerely.
Beside high combat spirit and patriotic moral the ANSF need modern and sophisticated light and heavy weapons and arms. Air support of ANSF is a top priority during military operations that would enable them to restore stability, security and reliable peace at any condition and under every circumstance.
We should add that the steps have been taken for improving of AAF, are not sufficient and convincing.
It is an urgent need that the US led NATO countries focus more attention to Air Forces beside training, advice and assist of ground forces and supply it with different transportation, attack, reconnaissance and fighting airplanes and enable Afghanistan to be owner of an equipped armed forces at regional level and be capable to cover every span of their country any time and under every condition that no terrorist group or subversive element would find the chance to disturb our security and prevent our people prosperity, progress or threat our peaceful life.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.