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Environmental protection a moral public obligation

Environmental researches indicate that cities, bazaars, streets, homes, offices and ultimately our living places are circles in which the human beings live in them and spend their days and nights, celebrate their pleasure and grievance beside each other. Taking into account this co-existence in a single place and a fixed locality, the relevant inhabitants have to make collective efforts for its protection and cleanness and protect their environment and living place from pollution due to natural disasters and thus prevent physical health from damages stem from air contamination and destruction of environment, so the other people who are living in its vicinity, not to be damaged.
Due to this specification and presence in single environment we address our city and environment as our common home. Therefore support and protection of this common home is our individual and social job and obligation and we should make efforts for its support and protection and cleanness as we make efforts for cleanness and safety of our private home. Every member of this private and common house should make essential and possible effort for its protection and improvement so to keep it from contamination in one hand and prevent it from diseases stem from pollution on the other. It is unquestionable that observing of physical and environmental healthcare is a guarantee of health of each one of citizens family members. Because without these efforts for creation of a clean environment void of pollution from different sources, prevention of respiratory and seasonal infectious diseases due pollution of smoke producing vehicles and dust a rise from dirts on the streets, is extremely difficult.
It should be acknowledged that attention to protection of environment is equal to praising and valuing citizens healthy and clean atmosphere void of dust. Observing of these points and contribution for protection of environment and prevention of air pollution not only inflict positive and constructive impact on cleanness of city and environment but leave enormous impact to avoid children and old people from affection with infectious and respiratory diseases. Cleanness of city and environment is no doubt indicator of our humanitarian and urban culture and that of our people and fellow countrymen. Nowadays in this cold season that there is no news of rain and snow, signs of possible drought in some provinces have forced hundreds families to leave their dwellings and native villages and at present over 3200000 people have been displaced in Badghis, Faryab and Ghor provinces to adjacent Herat province and spend their day and night in a pitilful condition under cold weather and in lack of sufficient food, fuel, heating facilities.
Increasing pollution due to use of smoke producing fuel, coal and low quality petroleum as well as burning of old tyres, clothes, fat firewood in private houses by people have concerned Kabul people. The smoke due to these elements have strongly effected the atmosphere of capital city. In the beginning hours of night and dawn thick dark could cover the city which absolutely endanger children and aged people with dangerous asthma and other respiratory diseases.
Use of smoke producing fuel and garbages in public baths and brick kilns is another reason of citizens sickness.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.