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Environment protection a must as warm season arriving

We are living in a god-gifted safe and secure environment, where, imbalance. Mashal Noori human can only use all available means for (or against) their interest. We are donated water and oxygen which form the most important components of the environment, as without them no living things survive. Anyone should understand that they have the main responsibility to maintain their nearby environment and to protect them well to avoid any kind of negative natural impact. Houses and villages constitute the primary environment of human life, including the structures of the palace, mountain, and crops, which is a very small and primary definition of the environment of life. Cities and countries are considered to be a wide living environment for human beings, which they face in the second step after their childhood. No other living environment has been found or known, so it can be said that the entire land of the country, starting from the house, is considered as a common living environment for humans, animals and plants. It was considered a safe living environment for animals and the environment also has rights to be respected. This means that from the domestic environment to the global environment, these beings should be kept safe from, conflicts, wars and other human atrocities and violence and no cause of harassment should be given to anyone. If human rights are violated in one country, they will seek refuge in another country and if the earth is threatened by any powerful force, people will flee to a safe environment on this earth, as they cannot open their way to other planets of the universe. However, humans are still striving to conquer the universe and search for the possibilities of life. This is a unique step and action and if, through the initiative of astronauts, other planets are found where there are possibilities of life such as oxygen and water, it will be of great help to mankind in terms of accommodation and immortality in the new environment, as the earth is filling up now due to overpopulation. So, we should keep our environment clear, not throw garbage and trash everywhere along the streets or in the nearby areas, to avoid environmental pollution. We have the responsibility of protecting our environment, including gardens, and mountain plants as well as maintaining of animals and livestock to have a sound and safe environment, as the warm season is due to arrive. So, let’s work hard to protect our environment and do our best to keep our surroundings clean to avoid any seasonal diseases and infections and cooperate with the related organs to provide all kinds of facilities in the field of environment protection, especially, when the warm climate is at the doorstep.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.