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Enough trainings needed to avoid air force members loss

Years needed to train and offer a skilled and professional cadre to the society. In Afghanistan, a country, the newly emerged from war, after the Islamic Emirate returned to power one year ago, we are in dire need of professional cadres. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate set up a contact commission to help Afghan personalities, including experienced mentors, educated youths, university professors, economists etc. to return home and take part in development of the country.
Unfortunately, in a recent sad incident, three of the country’s crewmembers including two pilots lost their lives and five others sustained deep injuries, after a helicopter, they were flying crashed inside the military university in Kabul.
The incident has reportedly happened during a training session, overseen by the country’s ministry of national defense, late on Saturday.
The pilots of the country are of the national assets and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent to train them well to serve the country.
Dozens of the country’s pilots fled to some neighboring countries, such as Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, after the former regime, backed by the U.S. was overthrown by the mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in mid-August last year. However, some of them returned home amid efforts by the contact commission for the return of Afghan personalities.
This is the crucial responsibility of the country’s security organs, particularly, the ministry of national defense to appoint experienced mentors to avoid the loss of lives of skilled pilots and other air force members.
While training pilots during the training sessions, a member-instructor should be alongside the newly trained pilots, while flying the planes, particularly the helicopters.
All the country’s educated trainers, experienced pilots and crewmembers are asked to return home and take part in the strengthening of the country’s air forces.
The country is now secure and there is no threat for the Afghans who have left their country with no reason but based on empty claims and propagandas of some malicious circles.
Other countries will not become homes for millions of Afghans who have the feeling of patriotism and most importantly, no one has forced even an ordinary Afghan to leave their country.
Last year some 140 pilots and many of co-pilots were unfortunately flown out of the country and then to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and their final destination in the U.S. All of them – if are real Afghans – should return home and rejoin their duties.
Afghanistan needs them and they must love their country and their nation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.