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Enhancing underground water resources through storing snow

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These days, most provinces are witnessing snowfall and rain. This great blessing from Almighty Allah has covered everything in white. How wonderful it is for our dear compatriots to store the snow in the corners of their yards or gardens to increase underground water sources and save the country from water scarcity. The Ministry of Energy and Water also urged the citizens of the country in a message to store snow. In a message published on Saturday, the ministry empha sized that snow is a critical factor in nourishing underground water in the country. In this message, it is stated that “Kindly avoid storing roof and courtyard snow on roads and concrete alleys; instead gather all of it in the absorbent area of your courtyard or homes, so that the courtyard wells or your homes are saved from drying out, contributing to the strengthening of underground water in your environment.” Indeed, storing snow has more benefits; for instance, when we store snow at the base of trees, it saves them from severe cold and prevents them from drying out. We urge all citizens of the country to understand the government’s instructions to prevent the wastage of rain and snow water and to dig reservoirs in neighborhoods so that the excess water is stored there, contributing to the enhancement of underground water resources. However, on the other side, the snowfall has come with concerns for needy families. The snowfall has stirred the excitement and joy of the youth. “People were apprehensive about the lack of snow; fortunately, today it is snowing excellently, and we are delighted,” said Ahmad Fahim, a resident of Kabul. “Kabul has taken a special beauty today; that’s why we came with friends to Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Hill,” said Jawad, another Kabul resident. However, not everyone is joyful about the snow and can’t afford to store it in their house courtyard. The families facing economic challenges say that the snowfall has multiplied their hardships. “We came out for bread, and we haven’t found work yet,” said Faizullah, who is looking for work in the capital Kabul. “I don’t have a breadwinner. I have three sons and six daughters. I work for a living and occasionally do grocery shopping in people’s homes,” said Freshta, a resident of Kabul. Therefore, if people have financial means and do not have economic concerns, they can effectively make use of the snowfall, store it, and contribute proportionately to the increase of underground water resources. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.