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Ending imposed war through negotiations in Afghanistan

Two US top officials have called on making further effort towards finding political settlement to end the imposed war in Afghanistan. US Secretary of Defence Gen. Mattis and NATO general commander to Afghanistan Gen. Scott Miller have called on finding political solution for Afghanistan war.
NATO general commander to Afghanistan has also called on the Taliban group to solve their problems through negotiations, or they could not win this war. On the other hand, concerns have increased over supporting the Taliban group by Pakistan, Iran and now Russia as it is reported that the three countries do not want ending the imposed war in Afghanistan and somehow disagree with any mechanisms that can politically end the war in the country.
Pakistan has always used terrorist groups as tool against other countries in particular Afghanistan. Terrorist groups have safe havens and are free to organize and plan terrorist attacks in big cities of Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan has always asked Islamabad to stop supporting terrorist groups in particular the Taliban group, and instead cooperate with the Afghan government in maintaining peace and stability in the country. Nevertheless, Islamabad has played double role in the region for the past 17 years and has never cooperated honestly with Afghanistan in ending the continued and imposed war.
Now, efforts have increased in connection with ending the imposed war in Afghanistan as direct meetings have been held two times between US officials and representatives of the Taliban group in Qatar.
For acceleration of peace efforts, US Secretary of State has appointed Zalmay Khalilzad as the country’s special envoy for Afghanistan on reconciliation. Khalilzad has recently visited Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and discussed Afghanistan peace process with leaders of the respective countries.
Soon after US special representative for Afghanistan’s reconciliation ended his visit to the respective countries, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was released by Pakistan and according to the Taliban sources, Mullah Baradar has not been released due to illness but released to play role in Afghanistan peace talks.
Meanwhile, media reports have said that five senior Taliban leaders had joined the political office of Taliban in Qatar to follow peace talks with Afghanistan government or the US administration. Taliban has also confirmed to Associated Press (AP) that the former Guantanamo inmates were now a part of the political team in Qatar. According to media reports, the freed Taliban leaders are former interior minister Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa, Taliban’s former army chief Muhammad Fazil, former governor of Balkh and Laghman Noorullah Noori, deputy intelligence chief of the Taliban regime Abdul Haq Wasiq and Taliban’s communication chief Nabi Omari. Currently, the approach of Afghanistan and US officials is to focus on ending the imposed war through peace negotiations with the Taliban group as efforts have increased in national and international level for finding a political solution for the ongoing war and violence in the country.
Suraya Raizada

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