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Ending disputes in Wolesi Jirga

By: The Kabul Times

Controversies over election of the house speaker not only has prevented advancement of election of the house administrative body, the routine process of the house work in three spheres of legislature, observation on government activities and representing the people but also caused concerning consequences at level of society.
This clash has fanned up devastating tribal and ethnic discussions out of the house among different stratum of society.
If we take into account social media a criterion of public opinions in the country, continuation of the house controversies has created strong ethnic discussions among different social stratum and has given the chance to those who think ethnically that every one make an excuse for disputes of lawmakers and deputies of one ethnic group attack others and insult them. No doubt if the situation continue in this way, would certainly leave unpleasant consequences.
It is enough to say on preventing of the resuming of the house routine work, plenty of legislative plans have been sent by the government and are awaiting processing and approval of the house. We can say, no doubt as much as this process is prolonged would cause unpleasant consequences and the government administration would be in a power vacuum.
Some of these plans should be confirmed and approved by the house as quick as possible and be published in official gazettes to rescue the government departments from uncertainty and have access to essential laws for their legal performances.
Certain issues such as observation on the government activities and representing the government enjoys extraordinary importance in the house work and the house should resume its normal work process so to be able to monitor the government activities. Half of the fiscal years has been completing and the house should start its normal working process and ask the government on consumption of budget in the first six months of the fiscal year.
Many ministries are managed by acting ministers and are awaiting vote of confidence of the people deputies .
Inactivation of one branch of the government could leave bad consequences on stability and security. Inactivation of the house could mean that the government structure is not completed that could be considered as instability of the government and make the people anxious and concerned that in turn could leave unpleasant impacts on general situation of the country and public opinions.
Currency exchange markets have been witnessing negative changes in recent days as perhaps one of the reasons could have been political problems and controversies plus problems of parliamentary elections , counting of ballots, late release of final results and long discussions, failure of deputies in election of the house administrative body etc have caused us even to witness instability in currency markets .
All those reason cause public opinions to expect their deputies in the house to put an end to these problems and should no longer play with destiny of one of the key three branches of the government and create additional problems that have caused hard ethnic talks among citizens and in case of continuation could damage unity and solidarity of Afghan people.

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