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Ending dispute in lower house

The prevailing situation in the house has been interpreted as a crisis and the citizens willing ending of this situation, determining the destiny of the post of the house speaker and election of the house administrative body.
Considering continuation of the ongoing situation, problem and challenges at extensive dimension in the country, the people believe that if this situation is not ended as soon as possible and the destiny of the speaker and administrative body is not quickly determined, it would produce unpleasant outcomes for the country as one of its most disadvantageous results would be damaging the Afghan people’s natural national unity due to positioning of a number of lawmakers in the house and discriminating the relevant issues of the house of Afghan people.
Positioning of this number of lawmakers and their reflecting in public opinions and media, strongly damage the unity and convergence of the Afghan people and has been fanning up certain negative trible and linguistic tendencies among people and harms unity and convergence of Afghan people.
It is a shame that nearly two months has been elapsed since the opening of the 17th round of the parliament, still the lawmakers have failed to settle their internal issues and take effective and useful decision on the key issues and lead the house into the direction of normal course, put an end to ongoing uncertainty in the house and be involved in essential and urgent issues.
At present neither the house represents the people nor monitor the government actions no any legislative document has been discussed. This is a big challenge in the country. Hundreds of agreements and Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with foreign countries are in urgent need of the house approval.
As long as the situation develops in this way and relevant documents and agreements fail to be approved, that much the challenges accumulate in government bodies and no one would be feeling responsible before the law.
Currently most of ministries and independent directorates are led by acting ministers and directors and awaiting vote of confidence of the lawmakers to put an end to this situation, speedup the performances in these organs and conclude uncertainty and carelessness in these branches.
Current situation in the house has strongly affected security and stability of Afghanistan and disturbed governance in the country. The people are strongly dissatisfied and disturbed for approach of lawmakers, and blame them.
People expect their representatives to end this crisis quickly, and take a proper and responsive decision. Meanwhile the war-suffered nation cannot tolerate the ongoing situation in the house and expecting urgent solving of the issue through a democratic process.
If the situation continued, it would have negative impacts on the society, as insecurity increasing in most parts of the country, Afghan currency has been falling against foreign currencies and Afghans would lose their trust on democratic process, like elections and would not participate in any process in the future.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.