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Emerging Afghanistan under IEA

Afghanistan, unfortunately, has been facing this dilemma that with each political change, the war-torn country has also seen a change in its political system, experiencing monarchy for some time, then with another ruling party, the system being changed to Communism, and then democracy, which has lasted longer than any other system, but not firmly stable and enduring.
Whether or not they were fruitful in essence, these systems could not succeed to please the religiously and historically cultural people of the country, the Afghans. Such foreign imported systems have always faced serious opposition from the people and they have stood against them, as the systems were deemed to be opposing their religious and cultural beliefs.
Afghans are practicing Muslims and bear strong belief in the holy religion of Islam; therefore, anyone, no matter what ethnicity or background they occupy, who brings Islamic system to their homeland, will be warmly welcomed and gain Afghans’ support.
One of the reasons, according to political analysts, the previous system fell down was that it was a foreign imported ideology, with foreign-backed assistance and support, lacking the support of the country’s people, which is crucial to strengthening the pillars of political stability.
However, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), by bringing the system and ideology of people’s choice and will, faces no such contrasting issues, between the people and the system.
Therefore, the IEA, ideologically and systematically, is enjoying full support of the majority of the people; thus, increasing opportunities of progress and development for both the country and its people.
In addition, with the return of the Islamic Emirate, the country is enjoying an overall security; hence, paving ways for the progress of country’s economy, by implementing regional projects such as TAPI Pipeline. Also, the country is now available for small and large scale businesses and the IEA has time and again asked the investors, both in- and outside the country to invest in their country as the country is secure.
Keeping these points in perspective, the only thing that the IEA government, and the people in turn, need is a complete legitimate recognition of the IEA by international community, and helping it to survive the ongoing critical situation.
On the other hand, the second crucial role that can be played to recover the economy of the country is of neighboring and regional countries. They can contribute from different venues by keeping bilateral ties strong, opening trade and commerce corridors and helping keep the security and political stability in their neighboring country.
Furthermore, the IEA has also promised to respect all human rights under the Islamic system, and ensure the Afghan soil will not be a threat to any world country; therefore, it asks the international community to also fulfill their commitments and impartially act towards Afghanistan and the IEA.
R. Faraz

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.