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‘Electronic system helps end bureaucracy in govt.’s institutions’

In a gathering to provide more support to the private sector, the Islamic Emirate’s Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs, Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi said that bureaucracy still existed in some government agencies. Addressing the meeting, he said efforts were underway to introduce electronic systems all over the government agencies in order to reduce what he said an ‘unnecessary bureaucracy’ that is heavily behind complicated administrative procedures. The remarks, by the Islamic Emirate’s Deputy Premier for Administrative Affairs, were made to introduce a law for further encouragement and support to the private sector, in a meeting that blamed bureaucracy to be still endemic and that the IEA leadership were trying to create facilities to promote electronic systems to help no one face complicated procedures relating to administrative issues. Under the plan, which the Deputy PM said would be made, all departments would be duty-bound to provide easy services under one roof in all ports, provinces and Kabul for the convinces of businessmen and industrialists. The bureaucracy which had nearly undermined the two former rounds of governments in Afghanistan, should not be allowed to remain active that undeniably helps defame the Islamic system. Indeed, if the plan was practiced, would be in the interest of the nation and the private sector and to reach the goal, not only the ordinary people, but the private sector should cooperate with the Islamic Emirate in the implementation of the laws. Since the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate, all problems of the private sector and the industrialists have been listened by the related officials. As clearly witnessed, the Islamic Emirate has not raised taxes and instead provided facilities to the businessmen, despite the frozen assets, dried up international aids and banking problems, but bureaucracy, which is the legacy of the former corrupt government, is still on the rise and creating problems in administrative affairs, should be uprooted. Also, the private sector should take effective steps towards self-sufficiency as per special order from the Islamic Emirate leadership. The war suffered Afghanistan would develop if bureaucracy was fought and eliminated all over the government agencies and both the government and the private sector has to work shoulder to shoulder for the growth of trade, industry, agriculture, trade and transit. On the other hand, anywhere in the government agencies, where corrupt officials were found still fueling bureaucracy, the issue should be seriously investigated and those behind the vicious phenomenon should be taken to the justice and judicial organs.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.