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Electoral teams should respect IEC’s legal acts

Some people interpret current uncertain situation of September 28 presidential election to blind knot, electoral deadlock or a preface to electoral crisis.
At present, neither the Independent Election Commission (IEC) is able to release the preliminary results of elections, nor the protesters are ready to retreat from their position and allow recounting of the remaining centers in seven provinces. Each one has their own analyze and opinion and reasons and defend their point of view.
A meeting held few days earlier and the relevant officials of IEC were expected to take part in a face to face discussion with protesting teams, seeking a solution to the current dispute and find a way to get out of this situation, was concluded with no result and failed to help unite this blind knot.
Now both sides warn each other. The IEC spokesmen have said that if the protesters don’t allow recounting of the remaining centers in seven provinces and implementation of IEC programs, they would assess release of preliminary result based on outcome of twenty-seven provinces.
On the other hand, the protesting teams specially the team of “Stability and Convergence” has threatened that in no circumstance would allow the IEC to implement recounting of the remaining votes in seven provinces prior to announcement of 300000 non-biometric votes.
On Monday a representative of this team said that if the IEC continue in this way, it would further complicate the situation. He warned that in that case they may reach a point that would be difficult to find a solution.
But no doubt, these warnings can’t solve the problem and as it has been anticipated, it would create additional problems and make the fate of elections ambiguous. Therefore, it would be better both sides continue talks and find an acceptable and convincing solution.
The IEC and protesting teams should continue talk and convince each other. Talks and convincing would be the only solution while warnings would result to further ambiguity. Instead of warnings, the IEC should frankly explain its lawful reasons and convince the opposite sides that is not working against laws. The opposite teams should show patience and wait the process to advance in normal way and in the light of laws and available procedures asses and analyses it and clarify the actual results. The protesting teams should never attempt to impose their opinion on IEC and should and respect the IEC legal steps.
Here the role of observers and Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) should not be ignored and the IECC should act as an impartial arbitrator which is common in most countries and help both sides to reach expected and desired outcome.
The IECC should act like an electoral court and judge based on available evident in the light of laws for the sake of lofty interests of innocent Afghan people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.