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Elections transparency to guarantee future system

Election is a national process through which each citizen can select his/her favorite representative for parliament, provincial council and presidency.
Therefore, everyone should use accuracy in selecting his/her favorite person.
People should make effort to select elite people in the mentioned positions so the ongoing problems to be figured out.
Attending the process is a religious responsibility of each Afghan citizen.
Therefore, each Afghan citizen is expected to play his/her role and attend this process.
This process would follow with positive results when it is transparently held.
Holding presidential, parliamentary and provincial councils’ elections without fraud would guarantee stability of future system.
Otherwise, committing frauds would harm future system’s legitimacy and would result in protests.
Thus, the government should make effort to adopt necessary measures during elections and doesn’t allow anyone to interfere the process and put the process’s legitimacy under question.
Ensuring security of polling stations can help holding elections, because, it would cause the citizens to comfortably go there and cast their votes fearlessly.
But, if the security of the polling stations is not maintained, people would not go there to vote.
In fact, majority of people don’t know the nominees, therefore, they should make effort to find precise information about their favorite candidates in order their votes are not misused.
People should not vote based on linguistic, religious and sectarian belongings, but based on candidates’ honesty, commitment and experience so they can choose their real representatives for lower house of parliament.
But unfortunately, a number of people vote for money. They don’t consider the candidates’ eligibility, education and experiences, a move can have behind negative aftermaths.
Because, as some of the new representatives don’t know anything about law, they would not be able to approve the laws as it is needed.
People should not destroy their destiny by voting to some mafia-related groups. They should vote to those who don’t have expensive vehicles, but they have faith, education, experience and sincerity.
If elite and experienced people come to lower house of the parliament, the people’s voice would be heard. Likewise, all should live in a peaceful environment without any types of discriminations.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.