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Efforts underway to address challenges facing Afghan industrialists

Afghanistan Industrialists Union has informed of a 40 percent decrease in domestic production. This comes amid of continued blockage of the assets of the Afghan people by the United States. According to the Afghan Industrialists Union, due to continued banking restrictions and the low purchasing power of the people, the domestic production level has decreased by 40 percent in the country.
In the past years, the exports of Afghanistan’s domestic products to neighboring countries and the region had reached more than 20 items, but after the fall of the previous government, the exports of some goods were stopped for a period of ti\me.
With all challenges and problems facing the manufacturing companies in the country, Afghanistan has recently started exporting steel bars to Pakistan. Nevertheless, exports of Afghanistan domestic products sometimes take days due to problems. Afghan traders consider the decrease of exports to Pakistan as problems in ports followed by increasing customs tariffs by the Pakistan side.
Afghan economists believe that continued restrictions on the Afghanistan banking system is one of the reasons for the decrease in domestic production in the country. According to the experts, if the assets belonging to Afghanistan are not released soon, the economic crisis will be greater for both Afghan investors and the ordinary people of Afghanistan.
In recent months, a number of manufacturing companies operating in Afghanistan have been closed due to financial problems. Experts are asking the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to pay attention to the problems and challenges facing the country’s industrialists. Based on information of the Afghanistan Industrialists Union, more than 4,000 small and big manufacturing companies were operating in Afghanistan in the past, but a number of the companies have ceased their operations due to various problems in the country.
In recent months, a number of companies have resumed operation in the country. It is hoped that some other manufacturing companies will also resume their operation in the country.
Afghanistan Industrialists Union and owners of manufacturing companies operating in Afghanistan hope that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan addresses the challenges and problems facing the country’s manufacturing.
Although the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has recently said that it is making effort to invite Afghan traders and investors to invest in the country. The IEA officials say a number of Afghan investors have recently returned to Afghanistan. It is hoped that all the manufacturing companies that have ceased their operation in the past one year will resume their activities in the country. Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.