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Efforts underway for further air force equipment

Afghanistan government officials are making effort to further equip Afghan Air Forces (AAF) with modern combat planes in coming years so that the country’s air forces can independently conduct air strikes against enemies in the country.
Previously, ANA army chief of staff had said NATO member countries has assured Afghanistan of the organization’s continued support to Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and; on the other hand, US has also assured of continued further support to Afghan security forces in particular the Afghan Air Forces.
Afghan officials say Afghan pilots and technical workers still need training although NATO and US have assured of supporting Afghan Air Forces.
According to AAF officials, the country’s air forces will be equipped with more than 100 helicopters in near future to provide close air support to Afghan ground forces.
Besides strengthening and providing military equipment to ANDSF, the country’s defense and security forces need further advising and training in planning of ground and air operations.
Meanwhile, it is determined that India will provide 4 Mi-25 helicopters to the Afghan Air Force (AAF) this year during March and June as the Indian National Security Advisor has promised this to Afghanistan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Muhib in his last visit to India.
Previously, Afghan officials had said that contract for purchasing the helicopters were signed last year between Afghanistan, India and Belarus and based on the agreement, Belarus would provide the helicopters to Afghanistan in a year.
It is also said that the agreement worth $20 million will be funded by India, a country that provided three helicopters to Afghanistan years ago.
Afghan military experts believe that Afghanistan is among countries that has suffered a lot from terrorism, saying counterterrorism needs world determination; therefore, NATO member countries in particular US should help Afghanistan in the connection. “Further equipment and support of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces can make the Afghan forces stronger and help them fight independently against international terrorism, but ANDSF needs further professional trainings so that they can professionally implement military planning in battlefields against the enemies,” said Amir Mohammad, an Afghan military expert.
He said that if NATO wanted the ANDSF to stand on its feet and independently fight terrorism, it should continue its financial and military support to the forces and exert further pressures on supporters of terrorist groups having safe havens beyond Afghanistan borders.
Javed Kohistani, another military expert says it is absolutely good that ANDSF are supported and equipped by the international community, adding the more Afghan defense and security forces are supported, the more they can effectively fight terrorism. According to Afghan political and military experts, prior to civil war, Afghanistan had the powerful military and air forces in the region and now Afghanistan government and international community are making effort to once again strengthen the Afghan Air Forces that has now dozens of various planes, but unfortunately the AAF still has not been equipped with modern equipment and planes.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.