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Efforts towards Afghanistan peace process underway

Following efforts being made in national and international level for maintaining peace in Afghanistan, it is determined that a consultative board will be soon created in national level to accelerate peace efforts and maintain fair and lasting peace the country.
According to government officials, creation of the consultative board is aimed to include representatives of all provinces of the country in peace process as peace can happen in bright environment.
“As peace is a national process, it is needed that a consultative board with membership of various classes of our society is created. The board while will be possibly finalized this week will jointly work with High Peace Council and the negotiating delegation on peace process,” said deputy spokesperson to President Shah Hussain Murtazavi.
He added that the board would be tasked to cooperate with the government’s technical team working for peace in the country and all decisions regarding Afghanistan peace process would be made in consultation with the respective board.
In connection with creation of consultative board, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has already started meeting jihadi leaders, national figures, politicians and leaders of various political parties. Presidential office has declared creation of the consultative board amid increasing of efforts that are underway for talks with the Taliban group.
In the meantime, civil society activists consider that women can play vital role in Afghanistan peace process, believing that the board can be effective if number of women and men is equal in the board.
Establishment of the consultative board and its role in connection with peace talks with the Taliban group has come under discussion after recent visit of US special envoy for Afghanistan peace and reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad to the region and his meeting with the Taliban group in Qatar as the US special envoy has asked Afghanistan government to specify its negating team for peace talks with Taliban.
Taliban representatives in Qatar have also said that in first phase they would hold talks with US officials, and in second phase they would hold talks with Afghanistan government. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has recently said that peace would definitely come to the country and currently discussions were underway in this regard.
Both the US officials and Taliban have admitted that talks regarding destiny of war and peace in Afghanistan have been held between the two sides.
On the other hand, regional countries in particular Russia is making effort to take the initiative of Afghanistan peace on its hand; therefore, the country is working closely with Pakistan, China and Iran to go forward. Nevertheless, Afghanistan government is repeatedly stressing that no countries will be allowed to own Afghanistan peace process and will be led and owned only by Afghans.
Although efforts have been continually made towards maintaining peace in Afghanistan in both national and international level in the past 17 years, the imposed war in the country and insecurities are increasing day by day. Now, all hopes that establishment of the peace consultative board will play vital role in the country’s peace process.

Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.