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Efforts, rivalries for peace in Afghanistan

Supporting Afghan-led peace process by India and Uzbekistan indicates that the regional countries call for forming a consensus on Afghanistan to solve the ongoing crisis.
During his trip to New Delhi, Uzbekistan president met with different Indian officials particularly that country’s prime minister.
Both sides discussed Afghanistan’s current problems and declared their support from intra-Afghani peace talks.
Two sides also stressed that war is not the solution and the regional countries are expected to find a political solution to end war in Afghanistan.
The move indicates that regional, ultra-regional and world countries have realized that Afghanistan’s problems are further related to foreign factors.
In fact, foreign countries play effective role to decrease or intensify war in this country.
US competition with Russia and China as well as Iran rivalries with Gulf countries and Pakistan’s interferences, have changed Afghanistan into a dangerous place.
Continued war in Afghanistan would not only affect its citizens, but all its friendly countries as well.
Today, economic problem is a top issue in international relations, as due to continued war, the regional countries have lost many economic opportunities in Afghanistan and could not fight poverty, unemployment and many other issues that affect their countries.
Recently, Uzbek president has said that Afghanistan’s continued war has affected the regional countries and still terror activities, narcotics and organized-crimes are recognized as the threats before regional people welfare.
He added if peace is restored in Afghanistan, these threats would be curbed.
There is no doubt the countries that have launched proxy war in Afghanistan would benefit the situation, but serious and lasting deprivations would remain in the region.
Thus, expressing concerns and ceremonial words are not the solution, but a strong consensus is needed to tackle the ongoing challenges.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.