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Efforts ongoing to hold presidential elections on time, IEC

An election official sorts the ballot paper at the polling station in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar August 20, 2009. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani (AFGHANISTAN ELECTIONS POLITICS)

Amid concerns and challenges before electoral commissions, still the parliamentary elections’ results are unclear.
Independent Elections Commission (IEC)’s officials say that they are making effort not to repeat the parliamentary elections mistakes in the presidential elections and hold it as acceptable to everyone.
Deputy IEC spokesperson Zabih Sadat said, “There were some problems in parliamentary elections, they would be technically reviewed so not to be repeated in the presidential elections.” This comes as UN special representative Tadamichi Yamamoto has recently said that repetition of mistakes made during parliamentary elections would be unacceptable if happen with presidential elections.
At the same time, electoral observant entities and the country’s politicians believe that the government should take prompt steps to hold presidential elections, because, the people of Afghanistan don’t want their destiny to be played anymore.
The people of Afghanistan don’t believe in electoral commissions’ functions and to win the people trust, the government should make serious efforts in the respect, a political expert Nawid Elham said.
Calling codification of electoral plans in consultation with political parties vital, he stressed the election process should electrified in order to win the people’s trust.
Another political expert Amir Mohammad said, “The people of Afghanistan expect that the upcoming presidential elections to be transparently held.”
He asked the electoral commissions not to lose the opportunities and share their preparations on holding elections with people.
Security is one of the issues that can encourage the people go to polling stations, he added.
Chief Executive of Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan, Yosuf Rashid said we needed a comprehensive plan and a serious strategy than to declare the elections holding date. Decisions in term of providing the voters’ list and using biometric devices are more important than declaring the elections date, he stated. Calling holding elections on time a serious need to Afghanistan, a number of experts stressed that efforts should be made in this regard.
This comes as the people of Afghanistan have experienced many elections so far and now the government is expected to make effort on declaring parliamentary elections results and preparations to be taken for upcoming presidential elections.
Suraya Raiszada

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