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Effects of war on Afghans

By: Khatima Emami
The three decades of wars in Afghanistan have created an enormous humanitarian and human rights catastrophe. The fight between the Afghan government, insurgents, have been aggravating the situation day by day. On daily basis, Afghans are paying a huge price as there is bomb blasts, a street crime, for instance, these wars have caused millions of casualties both killing and making people disabled for life and stealing people’s money in which leads to a very insecure situation. All these insecurities are causing a huge number of children to to lose their lives and become orphan.
As per the recent figures from Brown University’s costs of war in Afghanistan resulted the estimation of 241,000 people to die through direct result of war meanwhile US invaded Afghanistan which caused to collaps the Taliban on 11-September-2001. simarly, hundreds of thousands more than that millions of civilians have died due to hunger, disease and injury which is caused by the devastating war and natural disasters.
Afghanistan is the second most deadliest country in the world to be a child.
Thus, the UN assiatance Mission (UNMA) has recorded bare minimum around 7,792 children killed as well as 18,662 injured. In this case many of the wounded children have lost limbs to improvished roadside bombs and air attacks.
“Women in Afghanistan have paid a heavy price too, with more than 3,000 deaths due to the war and 7,000 injuries since 2010. Last year has been the deadliest for women in Afghanistan in the past decade, with 390 deaths recorded”.
(Afghan refugee children in Kabul, Afghanistna, septermber 2, 2015.
(REUTERS/Ahmad Masood)Afghan refugee children in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sep
It is the utmost responsibility of any government to protect the lives and honors of its citizens from all threats and dangers. But unfortunately, it is very sorrowful that bomb explosions and violence have become a normal part of Afghan daily life.
As a result, most of the families have been losing their beloved ones. Common Afghans fear for their lives because the Government has successively failed to protect its people
As an active humanitarian representative I have observed that these challenging circumstances and on going war is effecting many families. Through my humanitarian work I met some of the affected families and which they shared their traumatic experience they faced due to the war. During my meetings with these unfortunate families, I have heard the most heartbreaking stories from them.
Some families even state that living in Afghanistan amid numerous threats and dangers is almost impossible and extremely frustrating. They have lost their hopes of living in their ancestral land. Just like these families. As an Afghan, I share and reflect the pains and sufferings of my compatriots inflicted upon them by an unjust war.
To explore my observation I have met another family who lost their family member by a suicide bomb blast which was also taken place in Kabul.
“One day my husband was going to his office on foot and he was about to reach at his office just out of sudden bomb explosion and got killed on the spot” she was depicting to me. In her family, there are two daughters and two sons who all are school-going students but for not having family income they are having a very abysmal situation.
Through these stories, we can say that even being in your own home you are not feeling secure.
In our country Afghanistan, many humanitarian organizations are continuously helping the affected people who have lost their families, relatives, and friends by war.
Regardless of saying that some of the families shared their views that we have been aided by humanitarian agencies for a time being but it is a matter of fact this thing will not bring our family back.
Because the real scenarios of Afghanistan are those families who are losing their beloved ones, they have been suffering from insecurity to survive in their lives. If one member is affected by war the rest of the family members would also be affected by seeing its family situation.
In the last three decades, given what Afghanistan went through the significant increase in security over this period is not unexpected. Given the security conditions in Afghanistan, people are still living in their beloved motherland with a ray of hope and they have been cherished a dream that one day Afghanistan would be the most secure place to live in where peace and tranquility will be the finest form but I hope all our people’s dream come true.


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