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Effective war management essential against enemies

The scope of war and violence expands every day in the country, as Taliban attacks on districts and remote areas have increased and Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) bases often come under attacks of the insurgent group. During the recent months, several districts have fallen to Taliban and further districts and villages are under serious threats.
Taliban have been trying to take initiative in battle fields and occupy further geographies. At present Taliban sparing no efforts to attack every district they wish and disturb government order there.
Considering current security situation, people are worried that Taliban would make further territorial gains in the coming weeks if they were not pushed back.
Civilian causalities have reached its highest figures, as in recent five months, thousands of people either displaced or have been killed in Afghanistan, including children and women. In May, the average causalities had reached up to 170 people per day. Taliban’s IED, explosions and suicide attacks had inflicted further damages to civilians and public properties.
Taliban offensives and regular bloodshed campaign caused destruction of public utility installations, and damages to people houses and residential areas. Intensified wars in province have displaced and vagabonded thousands of families too from their localities. Meanwhile increase of IDPs due to war and violence have created further vulnerability in society.
The government and ANDSF institutions are required to step up and manage current situations. Effective war management is essential against the country’s enemies and the Afghan government in needed to do more to bring changes within the military ranks so that to control the situation and protect and strengthen government sovereignty in districts and provinces.
The Afghan government should evaluate and assess situation of security and military bodies and bring essential changes in management and leadership of these bodies. Respective fall of districts and villages by the Taliban is intolerable. If the falling process of the areas under the government control continue in this way, the state prestige and reputation would be strongly damaged and its position in peace process would be weakened.
The Afghan government is required that beside easing equipment for ANDSF, exploit available opportunities and capacities among public forces and restore security and stability to the country. Local and popular uprising forces, political leaders and popular charismatic figure who wish to fight against Taliban beside ANDSF for ensuring security and safeguarding of government serenity, should be strongly supported and their capacities and capabilities must be exploited.
Influential and political leaders of local forces and popular uprising groups should be changed to strong and reliable arm of the system and be included in process of ensuring security and fight on security threats.
The main objective of ensuring security, removal of threats and Taliban attacks, is safeguarding of the system stability and strengthening of government order in the country. In order to achieve this objective, all available resources and capacities must be utilized. Meanwhile its of immense important for the local people to extend support for their security forces, as they are fighting the enemies for the welfare of their people, country and the ruling system.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.