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Educational & higher educational system in Islam

igher educational systems, students are just thinking of secondary benefits rather than the main goals from good education and higher education. They are just thinking of following a good education and higher education system so that they can get good-paying jobs and have a good life. Therefore, all their efforts are to have a good life and good jobs but when they fail to do so, they get disappointed. Thus, it is necessary to organize the educational and higher educational system and curriculum in such a way that the students should not think of good-paying jobs and good life, instead, they should think that they just study to complete the nature of human beings, do good deeds and serve their country and people. For this reason, there is a fundamental need to reform and review the educational and higher educational systems as the main purpose of education in the educational and higher educational system of Islam is not only to find a good-paying job, but also to complete the human nature, to find good qualities in them, expose their hidden abilities, and to train the new generation in a comprehensive way, so that they can be helpful for their country, society and all the world. Based on the above discussion, it can be said that the 20- year struggle of the Islamic Emirate and its efforts against evil before that was not only to free the beloved country and people from the occupation and evil but also to create and implement an Islamic system in the country, and it is not possible without a comprehensive, standard and educational curriculum and system in accordance with Islamic principles. In the field of education, if a student studies in any department or faculty, he should first know and follow religious and Islamic studies, which is necessary because if he becomes a doctor, engineer, economist, agronomist, scientist or any other professional person, he should first be fully committed to his religion, people and country and be a good Muslim, and if he is everywhere, he will be still a good Muslim. One of the biggest problems of the current educational and higher educational curriculum and system in Islamic countries is that in their most educational centers, the students are taught that in the Middle Ages, the whole world was in darkness although this era was a time of darkness only for the Europeans not for the Muslims as Muslims in this era had great scientific achievements. The Muslims have had practical achievements as mentioned in written books and nobody can ignore their achievements. In the new Islamic educational and higher educational curriculum and system, this deficiency should be filled, and all artificial scientific and practical shortcomings that have come from the westerners should be removed. It is time that a unified educational and higher educational curriculum should be created and implemented in all educational centers of the country so that Afghan students get to know much about Muslim philosophy and theological thoughts and their position in Islam. In Islamic countries, all think that all progress and developments that have been made in science have been from the West and Europe although today’s world accepts that current achievements and developments have come from our Muslim scientists such as Khalid bin Yazid, Zekria Razi, Ibn Sina, Al-Khwarizmi, Abu Raihan Al-Beruni, Farabi, Ibn Rahid, Kandi, Abu Mohammad Khujandi, Jabir bin Hayan, Musa bin Shakir and others. Our school and university students think that we have learned everything from others although Muslim scientists have been the pioneers in social and medical sciences. Also, another shortcoming of our current education and higher education system and curriculum is that there are no particular books written about Islamic verdicts and some necessary books. For example, books about monitory policy in Islam, the open market, times of prayers and direction of Qibla and others. If we want to make our education and higher education system and curriculum Islamic, it is necessary that first such books and subjects are included in the curriculum so that the new generation reads the services of Muslims’ ulamas and starts to respect them in their life. Lecturer Saifullah Saee

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.