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Education; main pillar of Islamic society

Development and progress of a society undeniably depend on education and the educated youths’ talent and capacity– if properly used—can lead a country towards welfare and prosperity.
The Ministries of Education and Higher Education of the Islamic Emirate are making efforts to reopen all education and higher education institutions including schools and universities in the country.
However due to some reasons the IEA suspended schools and universities, following the takeover, in August last year.
In most parts of the country, both male and female schools are reopened and girls are also rejoining their classes, while in the capital, girl schools are said to begin by the end of the current solar year.
Both Afghan citizens and the international community warmly welcomed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan move to reopen education institutions for both boys and girls, after long suspension, following the political change.
People became skeptical about the reopening of girl schools, after the rapid political change.
They thought that girls wouldn’t be allowed to access education anymore, but now, this become clear that it was only a misunderstanding among the people and a gossip spread countrywide damaging the public of minds.
The Islamic Emirate, with its relevant organs, is committed to provide all facilities for the students of both schools and universities to access education.
The new academic year is now expected to be started with boys and girls participation.
The reason behind closing the schools in some areas were lack of classes and teachers, fortunately the education ministry managed to address the problem and the ministry is committed to reopening of the schools all over the country, as the education is the foundation of a society and this make the key priority of the Islamic Emirate leadership.
In line with the Islamic teachings, science can play a prominent position in a society and that it is well clarified that no school has urged for the development of education [for both men and women] as much as Islam.
The ministry of education has repeatedly said the doors of schools would be reopened for both boys and girls, with a reformed curriculum, in accordance with the Islamic teachings and the country’s accepted traditions.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.