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Education centers’ security a must

Distractive groups and the enemies of education used to destroy and set on fire education centers, mostly girls schools over the last long years, but this time, in the country’s southern Ghazni province, a boy school is torched on Friday midnight. According to local media quoting the in charge of the provincial education department, the school has been set on fire by unknown men on Friday midnight. The country’s security forces brought the fire under control. However, the fire burned down part of the school building. According to local media, if the security forces had not controlled the fire, it would have engulfed the entire building. Earlier, a school related to girls has been completely burnt by unknown miscreants in other parts of the country, where the vicious group is yet to be identified. The security forces of the Islamic Emirate should seriously launch investigation into the incident and identify those behind the spiteful incidents and bring them to justice. During the past corrupt and incompetent governments, the enemies of peace and security and those against development of the country, such bands brazenly dared to burn education and cultural facilities including schools, universities, training courses as well as other infrastructures of the country, but the then security personnel had no determination to crack down on them or even some had been the main collaborators. The past regimes had not even plan to suppress the destructive bands, as they were benefiting from them and in some cases, they had been in collusion with the murders, thieves, kidnappers and other anti-security gangs. After the takeover of the country by the Islamic Emirate, security has eye-catchingly been ensured countrywide, but in some parts of the country, where the security and intelligence personnel have little physical presence, such critical incidents happen. In this event, the area residents should have close cooperation and coordination with each other to uproot any criminal activities. So, this is very important for both the Islamic Emirate security personnel and the whole citizens of the country to join hands to overcome the challenge and help security fully ensured in the country. On the other side, the related organs of intelligence of the Islamic Emirate should increase in the number of their personnel and deploy them everywhere in the country to prevent any subversive activities, some of them may rise from armed militants or anti-government armed groups to defame the country’s security forces for failure to ensure nationwide security.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.