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Economic recovery key to Afghanistan stability: President Mirziyayev

On December 28, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyayev addressed the country’s Parliament, emphasizing on importance of relations with Afghanistan.
“We will pay special attention to further strengthen cooperation with countries of the Muslim world, which connects us with common historical, cultural and spiritual values. For these purposes, we are committed to enhance mutually beneficial relations with our partners in all spheres with practical content,” the Uzbek President said.
“We, in our foreign policy, rely on a clear and focused strategy for ensuring a security and sustainable development in Central Asia. In this regard, Uzbekistan considers as priority task to develop practical and mutual beneficial relations with neighboring countries in the region, as well as with Turkey, India, Pakistan and Iran.”
The Uzbek President said Afghanistan was playing important role in implementing the country’s foreign policy, adding they have urged the international community to support the need to start peace talks under the leadership of the government of the Afghanistan.
“In this regard, it should be noted that the high-level Tashkent conference on Afghan issue, which was held on March 2018, was the most comprehensive international conference in new Afghanistan’s history,” he added.
The «Tashkent Declaration», which was adopted by the end of the Conference, the unanimous position of all its participants, became a unique platform for peace in Afghanistan, the neighboring country’s president noted.
“After that conference, international efforts to launch a negotiation process with all the political forces in Afghanistan, including the Taliban, have been intensified. Uzbekistan has held important talks with Afghan leadership and leading political forces in the country, including the Taliban.”
According to Uzbek President remarks, the political forces have acknowledged that Uzbekistan can become an effective intermediary in solving the Afghan problem. “As it is known, the key condition for stability in Afghanistan is the economic recovery of the country.”
“In this regard, we have begun to implement large joint projects on transport and logistics, energy, trade and education in Afghanistan,” he added.
The president went on saying that the energy line «Surkhon-Puli Khumri» that is being constructed by Uzbekistan, the Education center in Termez city to educate Afghan citizens, logistic center «Termez-cargo» possessing its own customs station, development of railway line «Mazari Sharif-Herat» and «Mazari Sharif-Kabul-Peshawar» are the evidence of abovementioned.
“Uzbekistan will further render overall assistance in solving the Afghan problem. For us, the main priority result is – to begin peace talks in Afghanistan and to reach national reconciliation,” he concluded as saying.
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