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Economic growth of Afghanistan indebted to comprehensive strategy

Afghanistan went to Geneva conference in a time that is facing with much problems and challenges in the field of economic growth.
Now, Afghanistan experiencing the slow economic growth.
There are some proclamations that within recent years, Afghanistan has gone into retro- gradation in the connection. Prior to this, some international institutions were proclaiming that within last year, the economic growth of Afghanistan was better in some extent, but at the same time, no one of incharges were not satisfied with.
Despite in first day Of Geneva conference, president Ghani, has commemorated in a good manner about purposeful and compressive efforts of government of Afghanistan with private sector of Afghanistan for the growth of economy of the country but in regard with lack of comprehensive economic strategy, he said that this caused Afghanistan to have a meagre achievement in the field of economic growth.
Based on the suggestions of president Ghani Afghanistan is in need of having a comprehensive plan so that with cooperation of donor and regional countries to move toward economic growth.
Now, Afghanistan has worth $900 million export while worth billions of dollars, the country has imports.
The main reason behind reduction of export is reduction of productive activities in Afghanistan as well as existence of problems in transportation of merchandize through itineraries of exports for overseas destinations.
As Afghanistan is a land-locked country, so it is in serious need of transportation routes of neighboring countries that are full of tension in the shadow of political ties with them.
Afghanistan is making effort to draft a comprehensive economic strategy so that to maintain and guarantee the expansion of regional strategic cooperation in the field of exchange of commercial goods among all regional and world nations.
Within recent years, Afghanistan made effort to establish positive interactions in connection with transportation of commercial commodities among its neighbors and introduce the geographic importance of Afghanistan in creation of necessary facilities in this respect and also encourage neighboring countries to benefit from Afghanistan geography in the field of transportation of their merchandize and energy and satisfy them and also attract their interest to the issue.
The great projects of transferring of energy such as TAPI, TUTAP, and the project of Azure Route, the project of expansion of railway and linking of Afghanistan to international rail roads, utilization from Chabahar port that links Afghanistan to Persian Gulf and finally air corridors for transportation and export of commodities to different regional countries and recently to European nations.
The latters have been executed in some extent so to link Afghanistan to overseas.
The comprehensive strategy of economic growth that debates are going on in the connection is include of building of beds and mechanisms as well so that to provide necessary facilities for foreign investment including countries, institutions and companies.
Now, Afghanistan is in dire need of foreign investment and is enjoying from strong potential for absorption of foreign investments including countries and companies.
This country also has rich underground resources and active and capable labor force.
Within recent years, the government made much effort to introduce all investment attractive forces for investment of foreign countries, companies and economic institutions and also made effort to provide legal beds and mechanism for providing necessary facilities in the connection.
The government of Afghanistan made effort as well to use a diplomacy the ruling authorities on neighbors of Afghanistan be satisfied to enter into an effective interaction in connection with economic cooperation for the aim of regional economic growth and instead of political, military rivalries to resort to economic positive interaction.
It plays positive role in promotion of our country.
Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.