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Economic development & efforts towards self-sufficiency

For example, the overall security situation has improved across the country where the people are enjoying travelling province to province without any security problems.


Afghanistan had been facing with security, political and economic problems caused by foreign invasions and civil wars for over four decades, resulting in over 300 casualties on daily basis. The people were not doing their daily businesses and nobody was interested in investment in the country. But, with the Islamic Emirate takeover since mid-August 2021, positive changes have been seen in almost all areas. For example, the overall security situation has improved across the country where the people are enjoying travelling province to province without any security problems. There has also been significant improvement in the economic sec tor as the level of exports of the country’s domestic products has increased twice as compared to the past year, foreign and domestic investors have been provided with good investment opportunities and many companies are now engaged in the extraction and processing of minerals. In the past two years, key agreements have been signed with national and international companies for extraction and processing of the country’s minerals. For example, the start of cement projects in Parwan, Kandahar and Herat provinces, the annual production of which is estimated at around 5.5 million tons, is a major step towards self-sufficiency in production of cement in the country. With this the country will not only reach self-sufficiency in cement but also export it to neighboring countries. Besides, with operation of big manufacturing companies in the country, the unemployment rate will decrease, the economic condition of the people will improve, a number of important infrastructure projects will be opened, and more national and international investors will invest in Afghanistan and it will bring many benefits to the Afghan nation and the Islamic Emirate. It is not the first time the Isamic Emirate has entered into a series of agreements with international and domestic companies. Previously, it had also signed agreements with a number of Chinese and other international and domestic companies for extraction of copper in Logar’s Ainak and oil in Sar-e-Pul Qashqari. Many small and large contracts including large contracts have been made. Afghanistan has a large amount of oil, gas, coal, iron, gold, lithium and other kinds of natural resources. Unfortunately, the Afghan nation has not benefited from these minerals due to four decades of wars. If the Islamic Emirate better manage the extraction process and of these natural resources transparently and in accordance with international standards, Afghanistan will soon stand on its feet from the point of the economic. Another good news in the field of economic self-reliance and development is the increasing value of the Afghani (AFG), which is all because of the sound management of the Islamic Emirate. The value of the Afghani (AFG) has recently increased against foreign currencies particularly the US dollar (USD) as 1 USD is now sold 73 Afghanis (AFG). The Islamic Emirate’s continued efforts and sound management towards economic development and self-reliance are appreciable. The Islamic Emirate has been able to manage the situation in very short time and hopes are increasing among the people that Afghanistan will soon reach selfsufficiency in all areas. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.