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Economic collaboration, regional stability and development key agenda of Moscow Economic Forum, Shaheen

KABUL: The Moscow Economic Forum, ex pected to be held today June 5, will discuss various economic topics including economic collaboration, regional stability and development as the most important agenda, head of political office of the IslamicEmirate in Doha, Suhail Shaheen said Tuesday. In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times, Shaheen enumerated economic collaboration, regional stability and development among the key agenda of the IEA delegation. “Afghanistan is keen to strengthen economic ties with regional and global partners. Our door is open for investment from the region and beyond. I think the forum provides an excellent platform for discussing bilateral trade opportunities, investment prospects, and economic collaborations that can mutually benefit Afghanistan and its partners,” said Shaheen, adding Afghanistan’s role in ensuring regional stability and development cannot be overstated. “Our participation in the discussions about regional development, and sustainable growth aligns with the forum’s objectives and can contribute to broader regional progress,” the Islamic Emirate’s top diplomat told the staterun paper. Russia has invited the Islamic Emirate to its biggest annual economic forum as Moscow is stepping up to remove the status of terrorists organisation from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan— which will pave the way for restoration of normal relations and lead to ratcheting up trade between between the two countries. Since the Islamic Emirate’s resumption of power and withdrawal of the U.S.-led forces in mid-August 2021, after twenty years of war, Russia has restarted gradually adopting a realistic approach towards Afghanistan while building ties with the post-war country, under the Islamic Emirate leadership. Nik Mohammad Nikmal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.