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Earning easy but preservation a must

From the proven facts and known experiences of the life of the individual and society, it has also been shown that if it is necessary to earn wealth and money for a person, family, nation, or government, then it is also necessary and very important to be careful in spending of the earned money. It is so important to remember these two concepts about wealth that it is said on the basis of reliable traditions that on the Day of Resurrection, a servant will not have taken a step before being asked how did he earn the wealth and how did he spend it? Profit and cost are both very important areas of life. So, if you need to work hard to get arts, crafts and other professions, so you also need to have a lot of experience, skill, caution, and accuracy in expenditures. Moreover, in our holy book Quran, the extravagant and those spending beyond their incomes, are called the brothers of the devils and the Muslims were taught not to hold their hands tightly and not to open them as much as to spend what they own, otherwise they will be in poverty the future. There is no doubt that every person, family and government has a great desire to earn a lot of wealth and money, but they can only earn as much as they can afford. Because, everyone must organize their necessary expenses considering their profit in such a way that they separate their top and second priorities to them accordingly. Or in other words, “everyone should stretch their legs according to their ability” (a proverb). In this way, if the income and expenditure or the profit and expenditure are not adjusted according to their ratio, the investment and savings will definitely not be achieved and the deficit will also appear and eventually they will be heavily indebted. This principle is essential in personal life as well as in governance. For example, if our government does not measure its profits and revenues and while its expenses increase it is mostly dependent on customs taxes and other taxes, then there is no doubt that if the officials’ salaries and other expenses are met still, it will not gain any economic power, because not taking from the subjects and spending on the government is not actually income and profit, but only diverting your money from one pocket to another, not any external benefit. Accordingly, at this time, the responsibility of the officials of the Islamic Emirate is not only to think about profit but also to be more careful in preventing unnecessary government spending and this is also a big responsibility

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.