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Dutch Committee, UNFAO assist farmers

By: Shukria Kohestani

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, (ALI) the Dutch Committee and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FoA) of the United Nations (UN) to assist farmers affected by the Corona virus.
Corona is a virus so far has caused a lot of financial and human damage to people so far. Afghanistan’s agriculture and livestock sector is not immune to corona damage. Most Afghans are engaged in agriculture and livestock sector.
Hilal 40 years, which lives in the Chakak neighborhood of Badghis province. He has several sheep and is a shepherd in this province.
“In other years, these goods went to Herat and Kandahar. They were exported abroad, but at that time the borders were closed. Due to the transmission of this disease, we could not export it to other places,” he said. “So the price of this was very low.
While the, milk were exported to abroad no one bought it”
However, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (ALI) says it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Dutch Committee and the United Nations Food and Agriculture UN,FAO Organization to provide assistance to farmers.
The MoU was signed by Anwarul Haq Ahadi, Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, and Raymond Briscoe, Executive Director of the Dutch Committee for Afghanistan.
Mr Ahadi told the meeting that the memorandum, worth Afs 154 million, would help vulnerable cattle breeders, especially nomads affected by the outbreak of the corona virus.
Mr. Ahadi added that the money for this project will be paid by the UNFAO.
“Most of the benefits of this project will go to the nomads. Obviously not much, but it is worth noting that about a thousand metric tons of animal fodders will be distributed. 15 animal clinics will be built and public awareness will be provided,” he said.
According to Mr. Ahadi, the ministry is working to launch a broader program to improve the livestock situation in the country.
Meanwhile, Raymond Briscoe, chief executive of the Dutch Committee for Afghanistan, said the program to help vulnerable cattle breeder was being run jointly by the committee and the “Klap” project of the Ministry of Agriculture.
The corona virus has not only affected industries and businesses, but has made livestock and poor families in remote areas more vulnerable.
“This project is helping the people of Afghanistan to take action. It is also helping to compensate for the damage and impact of the coronavirus, especially those who have been most affected by the spread of the coronavirus,” Briscoe said. “The main goal of this project is specifically for the nomads.”
Meanwhile, Habib al-Rahman, chairman of the nomadic affairs committee, said at the meeting that he expected services to be improved for nomads.
While most Afghans make their living through agriculture and livestock, what the corona has lost over the past year.
Meanwhile, a number of cattle breeders welcomed the UN program and the Ministry of Agriculture to help the affected livestock farmers affected by the corona, and called for more assistance from them.
This is while the majority of the people are farmers and cattle breeders whose livelihood are provided more than these two sectors.

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