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Drugs down to zero as Islamic Emirate firm in elimination

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN - MARCH 18: Blooming poppy crops are being destroyed by farmers and authorities due to the ban at a poppy field in Kandahar, Afghanistan on March 18, 2023. Taliban administration has also banned the cultivation of hemp across the country after the opium poppy was banned in April 2022. Taliban security personnel destroyed a poppy field in Dand district of Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan. Kandahar state officials said hundreds of acres of land had been cleared from poppy fields after the state banned poppy cultivation. A few days ago, the anti-narcotics officials of the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan, who travel to the provinces to implement the orders of the Taliban leadership on drugs, said in Kandahar that in the past year, they conducted 3,700 anti-narcotics operations during which 4,650 drug criminals were arrested and 148 alcohol and other drug factories were destroyed. Anti-narcotics officials stated that they seized 404 tons of various drugs and cleared 1,147 hectares of land from drug cultivation by decree of the Taliban leadership. Mohammad Noori / Anadolu Agency (Photo by Mohammad Noori / ANADOLU AGENCY / Anadolu Agency via AFP)

The Ministry of Counter Narcotics has recently announced a firm plan to completely eliminate drugs across the country, as it said more than 1,000 drug-producing factories have been demolished across the country. The rough number of drug labs have been destroyed since the return of the Islamic Emirate to power, two years ago. According to the deputy minister for Counter Narcotics, Abdul Haq Hamkar around 20,700 operations have been conducted during which 13,700 people, involved in drug deals, have been arrested and introduced to the justice and judiciary organs. Following a decree from the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate, the cultivation of drugs has dropped all over the country. Although, the international community has failed to cooperate with Afghanistan in supporting an alternative livelihood for the farmers, the cultivation of narcotics, under a firm plan of the related organs of the Islamic Emirate is gradually reducing to zero. The plan to eradicate poppy around the country has been made since the takeover of the Islamic Emirate two years ago, as during the last twenty years of republic governments, nothing tangible has been made in the eradication of poppy and other toxic items in the country. S So, this is good news from the country’s related organs to have done more in this respect and destroyed all poppy-cultivated areas countrywide. But this is the responsibility of the international community and the international aid agencies to support Afghan farmers with enough alternative livelihoods after full poppy eradication and complete destruction of drug factories in the country. The people of Afghanistan should also do their best to cooperate with the organs concerned in the eradication of poppy and other toxic materials to have a sound and healthy nation and society, as any nation is alive with its noble culture and keeping away from any kinds of addictions. Shabir Raheel

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