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Drug addiction, its negative impacts

Surely, addiction is an abhorrent problem and horrifying evil which unluckily spreading with rapid growth in the society. Moreover, self-confidence, unemployment, lack of parental involvement in child’s activities and illiteracy are primary and major of drug addiction.
To extend, physical effects, poverty, illiteracy and shortage of youth are resulted by addiction. Similarly, performing distinctive duties and activities, having great parental focus on children and providing modern education to nation can easily germinate and curb drug addiction in beloved country of Afghanistan.
To abbreviate, drug addiction is a complex disease which has to be germinated quickly in every society.
Absolutely, unemployment is one of the primary causes of addiction. People with not performing extra- ordinary activities and with shortage of education to concentrate regarding their righteous path, lose their physical balance and prefer to be drug addicts. Similarly, parental focus on children is annihilated in society which is causing addiction.
They do not concentrate regarding their children’s future planning. Similarly, illiteracy is the major cause of drug addiction. It converts the youth; it is considered the asset of the country, from right path and righteous deeds to illegal and false path.
To conclude, the mentioned causes are mere and primary causes for drug addiction.
Affectionately, this horrifying evil affects multiple effects in society. Addiction is mere cause for destruction of the country and youth. Drug addicts cannot deal properly. They infuriate and jubilate over petty actions and things. They demand money for fulfilling their requirements and needs even though, they do not find ocular money to fulfill their addicted needs, that’s why they occasionally join gangs of thieves and criminals and become constant menace for the country and terrorism which annihilate the economic level of the country.
Constantly, drug addiction can be eliminated by providing variety of education and quality education to public. Similarly, great parental focus on children can cause the elimination of Drug addiction. Moreover,
Constructing rehabilitation centers are best places for recovery and treatment of drug addicts. Appointing extra- ordinary activities for youth and employing them in jobs can assist in this regard. To summaries, the government is supposed to keep an eye on youth in order not to led them to be inhalers of drug.
Unluckily, Afghanistan is one of those countries where drugs are inhaled trivially.
Moreover, drugs are exported in Afghanistan to America and European countries. Similarly, more than one million people are suffering from this horrifying evil in Afghanistan.
They are between 16 to 64 years and most of them are teenagers.
To curb it, The Islamic Emirate have taken effective steps against its exporting. In the same regard, they performed a great role in the elimination of drugs which can never be ignored. To conclude, the germination of drugs is hooped soon in Afghanistan.

By : Umar Ahsan

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