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Dramatic prices rise concerning in Afghanistan

Nowadays in Afghanistan, the prices of food and oil have increased dramatically and the hike in prices has faced people’s normal live with challenges.
Change in the system, Afghanistan’s foreign border wars and some other reasons are behind the increase in the prices.
Since the Islamic Emirate took power in mid-August last year, some countries have reduced their trade deals with Afghanistan.
The country is still in need of importing goods from the regional and world countries in order to secure its economic issues.
The global economic crisis and conflicts in Ukraine have also affected the price of food in the world and Afghanistan markets.
Last year Russia produced 38 million metric tons and Ukraine 22 million metric tons of wheat and supplied it to the domestic and global markets, but now the production and export process of wheat in these countries faced harsh challenges due to the ongoing war, according to economic experts.
On the other hand, Afghanistan used to produce nearly one million metric tons of wheat every year, but this year, due to the drought, the yield has decreased highly.
In addition, the recent floods in the country have seriously damaged agricultural lands, including wheat.
According to the figures, Afghanistan needs seven million metric tons of wheat each year, half of which must be imported from abroad, but the floods and lack of seasonal rains have significantly reduced the yield compared to previous years.
Meanwhile, 11 million people of Afghanistan are living under the poverty line.
Although the international community has provided assistances to the poor people recently, but the aids are not enough for the country where almost half of the population lives under the poverty line.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.