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Draft law on mass media approved

KABUL: Chaired by Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh, the Laws Committee’s meeting was held yesterday. In the meeting, draft law on mass media and regulation on legal aid management were reviewed.
Draft law on mass media, prepared based on 34th article of constitution and organized in six chapter and 61 articles, was delivered by minister of justice to the meeting.
Management of relevant affairs to mass media and media organizations’ operation, maintaining the right of freedom of expression and thought, supporting from the rights of journalists and maintaining circumstances open operation of media, promoting and expanding mass media, providing proper facilities for expression of thought, observing the principle of freedom of expression and mass media, supporting and facilitation for sound development of media, maintaining journalists’ safety and prevention from violence against them have been introduced as principal goals of the draft law.
Second vice president by stressing that the draft law on mass media was among laws that have been repeatedly modified and amended said it is the fifth time that the respective law has been reviewed, hoping that the draft law would be the best ones.
After briefings delivered by officials of the ministry of justice and ministry of information and culture in connection with need for reviewing and preparing the current draft law on mass media, members of the committee expressed their visions about contents and formations of the draft law.
The draft law was finally approved by the meeting and it was decided that ministry of justice should deliver the draft law to cabinet meeting for processing after putting the amending suggestions of members of the committee.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.