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Dr. Sadat urges youth to cooperate with ANDSF

KABUL: Dr. Kamal Sadat, the deputy minister of information and culture on youth affairs addressing a meeting held at the National Gallery, asked the youth to cooperate with the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) of the country, BNA reported the other day.
“The country’s defense and security forces defend the country under strict conditions and should be appreciated,” said the deputy minister at a ceremony held by the United Social Council of Kabul, adding this was the duty of any Afghans to support the country’s defense and security of the country.
He called the security and defense forces the country’s honest offspring and asked the people to cooperate with them for ensuring better security in the country.
Meanwhile, Sayed Abdul Hadi Hedayat, head of Foundation for Afghanistan Religious Scholars spoke at the meeting as saying the defense and security forces were safeguarding the religion, territory and honor of the people.
“The religious scholars are supporting the forces,” said Hedayat.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mohammad Asef Seddiqi, head of the United Social Council of Kabul said that the country’s security and defense forces’ work in ensuring security was praiseworthy and that they should be supported, the agency continued.
“In the last four decades, Afghanistan, for its geopolitical location, faced heavy insecurities, with the enemy mostly behind the problems,” said Seddiqi asking the people to protect their unity and don’t let enemy fuel discord among them.
Some defense and security troops of the country have also been appreciated at the end of the meeting by the United Social Council of Kabul.
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