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Dozens of development & construction projects underway in Kabul city

After the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) takeover in mid-August 2021, Kabul municipality has stepped up construction of streets, roads and decoration of the city’s squares in Kabul.
Residents of Kabul by appreciating the recent initiative of Kabul municipality in connection with the decoration of the city’s squares say Kabul city will change once again to a city of beauty, once the development projects are completed. Kabul city has historically been the political, cultural and economic center of Afghanistan. The city is now home to over five million people. The city is known for its great weather, cultural diversity and beautiful markets and historic sites.
As part of initiatives for the beauty of Kabul city, Kabul municipality has started to decorate all the city’s intersections with various sculptures. According to Kabul municipality, construction work on 20 of the city’s squares has been started. The municipality has informed of the completion of construction work on some squares, but work on the decoration of squares are still underway.
Based on reports from Kabul municipality, Dahan-e-Bagh Square has been decorated with a globe map which is eight meters in diameter.
Officials for Kabul municipality have informed that dozens of projects most of which are streets projects are under construction within the Kabul city.
“Out of the 181 projects that we had announced, more than 64 percent of them or about 105 projects were street projects. The projects are ongoing in various locations at different levels,” said Nematullah Barekzai, a spokesperson of Kabul municipality.
He said that Kabul municipality was making effort to find solutions to reduce the traffic in the city. In recent days, complaints have been made in connection with traffic jam in the city.
By pointing to the construction of roads and streets in Kabul city, Barekzai added that Kabul municipality has started construction work on dozens of roads and streets in the city, saying that more than 100 road construction projects were now ongoing.
Meanwhile, Kabul residents are happy about recent construction work on roads, streets and initiatives which are underway for decoration of the city’s intersections. According to Kabul residents, the people are happy as they come and take photos as most of the city’s squares have been decorated.
Kabul municipality has also reported that it’s developing plans will be implemented during the coming solar year 1402. Despite decades of fighting and war in Afghanistan, Kabul city is still shining bright and look beautiful.
Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.