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Dozens involved in trafficking military equipment arrested so far

Officials of the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) have informed that dozens of people involved in trafficking of military equipment and arms have been arrested in the past one year. A spokesperson of the ministry of defense say thousands of military equipment and arms set to be trafficked to foreign countries have been prevented in the past one year. “We have arrested dozens of individuals involved in trafficking of the country’s military equipment and arms to neighboring countries,” said Enayatullah Khwarizmi, the spokesperson of the country’s ministry of defense. He said that they have recently received information from the 203rd Mansour corps in Paktia, where more than 1,000 different types of arms have been founded and seized. Previously, the country’s ministry of interior had arrested individuals involved in trafficking the country’s military weapons and arms to neighboring countries. In most recent move, the country’s ministry of defense has informed it has repaired over 250 military vehicles trashed by the US troops during their withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021. According to the country’s defense ministry, the technical team at 205th Al Badar Army Corps has repaired various types of military vehicles.  The equipment included aircraft, air-to-ground munitions, military vehicles, weapons, communications equipment, and other hardware. Besides, the US-led NATO forces have left hundreds of military vehicles behind. Most of the vehicles were trashed during withdrawal in mid-August 2021. Based on information of the country’s defense ministry, technical teams of the country’s air force have repaired 70 damaged military planes and helicopters that were damaged by US soldiers before they left Afghanistan after 20 years in August last year. Following the withdrawal, the US Department of Defense released a report stating that the US left behind around $7 billion worth of military equipment that had been transferred to the previous government of Afghanistan over the course of 16 years. Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.