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Door to knowledge should not be closed to anyone

After Abdul Rahman Fida was appointed as the new general counsel to Dubai, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Political Affairs paid a visit to the United Arab Emirates and deliver speech to participants at the Afghanistan consulate in Dubai on Tuesday. In his speech, Stanekzai pointed to three key points: 1. Most countries do not recognize the Islamic Emirate as they’re afraid of the United States. Firstly, the main reason for increasing unemployment in Afghanistan is the continued economic sanctions and the political ban on the leadership of the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic countries are also waiting to see what the United States decides and what no. Secondly, although the western countries are showing that they’re sympathizers of human beings, they’re still in favor of imposing sanctions on Afghanistan, which results in further humanitarian crisis in the country. Russia and China, which are considered as powerful countries in the region, are waiting and somehow avoid recognizing the Islamic Emirate officially. It is true if the Islamic Emirate is recognized by the world, most problems and challenges facing the country and people will be addressed. 2. The door to seeking knowledge should not be closed to anyone. On one side Tom West, the U.S. special representative for Afghanistan, in a message has accused the Islamic Emirate of violating the Afghan women and girls’ rights; on the other hand, he made an anti-humanity declaration that due to the closure of education, the door of international aid will also be closed to the Afghan people. In reaction to the recent remarks of Tom West, deputy spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate has said that the women’s education issue is Afghanistan’s internal issue and no countries are allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

Education is our need and the Afghan girls’ great desire is to get an education so that they can serve other Afghan women in the field of health, humanitarian and education. We better know that seeking knowledge is obligatory on each Muslim male and female. The current closure of education is not permanent and no girls should be disappointed as the door of schools will be opened soon as the leadership is working on it. Last month, in a graduation ceremony held at Kabul University, acting minister of higher education, Shaikh Nada Mohammad Nadim, said: “We are not against women’s education.

We’re working hard to provide safe environment for women’s education in the country. Undoubtedly, providing safe environment in accordance to the Islamic Sharia is not easy as it will take time. We will witness the reopening of schools and universities to girls and women very soon as work is underway on the curriculum of both schools and universities. 3. The Islamic Emirate assures of security if the U.S. reopens its embassy in Kabul. Most of the time when two warring parties sign a peace agreement, they become friends after some time and forget the past, but if not, they don’t harm each other. It has been almost two years since the Islamic Emirate has taken the control of Afghanistan. As the country and the war-weary people have suffered the 40-year war, it is a good opportunity for the IEA to serve. The IEA with its successful diplomacy wants to have friendly relations with all those countries who repeatedly tried to harm Afghans but were defeated every time. Now the time has come to maintain relations with the world countries as Afghans are the people of Jirga and consultation.  Mohammad Yaqoob Nayel

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.