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Door-to-door anti-polio drive resumes after four years in country’s southern zone

Door-to-door anti-polio drive was not allowed in southern provinces, particularly Kandahar, Zabul and Uruzgan for the past four years, and vaccinators used to apply vaccines to children from mosque to mosque. Local officials in the country’s southern zone say for the first time after four years, house-to-house antipolio drive has been allowed in the respective zone. Dr. Bakht Mohammad Mustafa, head of the Emergency Vaccination Center in Uruzgan, says that based on a decision of the Prime Minister’s Office, a house-to-house antipolio drive has been allowed in all areas of Zabul and Uruzgan and all districts of Kandahar. According to Mustafa, thousands of children who were left out of the vaccine will be vaccinated against polio in the respective provinces. “This is the first time after four years that anti-polio drive has resumed from house to house based on the decision of the government in our southern region. In the past few years, the anti-polio drive was implemented from area to area. For now, the anti-polio vaccination will cover all children under 5 across Uruzgan and Zabul provinces and all districts of Kandahar, except the central city of Kandahar,” Mustafa stressed. Meanwhile, a number of families whose children are eligible to receive the anti-polio vaccine are happy with the new decision of the government. They say that now their children who have not been vaccinated in the past will be vaccinated against polio. Habibullah, a 45-year-old resident of Nish district of Kandahar, says that he has three children who are under five and are eligible to be vaccinated against polio. He said that his children have been always deprived of the anti-polio vaccine as the anti-polio drive was not houseto-house. According to Habibullah, the lack of guardians in most of the homes and lack of access of children under five to mosques have been a range of reasons that their children were left out of the anti-polio vaccine. “We are very happy that house-to-house anti-polio drive has been allowed in our province,” he said. In the last 5 months of 2024, two positive cases of polio have been recorded in Kandahar and many positive cases of polio have been recorded in other provinces of the country. Health experts say that previously, in the southern region, the risk of polio cases in children was very high as house-to-house anti-polio was not allowed. Azizullah Azizi, an Afghan health expert, says that the government’s recent decision should be widely welcomed and there is hope that there will be no positive cases of polio among children in this region, hoping that the number of incidents will certainly drop to zero in the country. “It is very good that the anti-polio drive has resumed in the southern region and now the vaccination drive is implemented door-to-door,” Azizi said, adding that with this employment opportunities will be provided to hundreds of people in the province. Shahwali, an anti-polio vaccinator, says that hundreds of people will be provided with employment opportunities as the anti-polio drive is implemented from house to house from now on “When the anti-polio drive was limited from area to area, many of our volunteers and vaccinators lost their jobs, but now that the drive has resumed from house to house, they will return to their duties people and more others will be provided with employment opportunities,” he added. According to the local officials, thousands of children were left behind in the country’s southern zone as the antipolio drive was not implemented from house-to-house. They hope that with the resumption of the door-to-door anti-polio drive, no children will be deprived of the anti-polio vaccine. There are hopes that with house-to-house anti-polio drive across the country, Afghanistan will be soon announced as poliofree Afghanistan. Ehsanullah Walasmal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.