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Don’t permit Moscow failed experience to be repeated again

By: The Kabul Times

No doubt, if the election problem to be solved, in coordination with political forces, the upcoming government sans any inconvenience selects a delegation for negotiation with Taliban.
But, the government and political forces should accept this principle that in meeting with Taliban, we have no need to differences and political rivalries.
The competition among nominees and partisans is very scandalous. The lock of the door of Independent Election Commission information bank is broken.
Frist, all deny it and then with classification of wonderful pretexts all accept it.
So far, it is not clear who and for what reason this lock has been broken and which impartial source investigate it.
Parliament also didn’t take any step in the connection and task a mission for investigation.
But, the issue of negotiation with Taliban doesn’t need to such absurd competitions.
Mainly, negotiation with Taliban is not a lateral one. Now, Taliban are fighting with government. As a whole negotiation with this group relates to all republic citizens who are living under the republican system and all political forces. This group is also fighting with NATO and international community.
All electoral and political zones that are locating under the umbrella of republic system, in negotiation with Taliban should have unique consideration.
It is correct the government should have a central role in negotiation with Taliban, but beside this the leadership of government should also consider the viewpoints of all political parties and ideological centers in this negotiation.
In a delegation that would be formed for negotiation, all ideological and political centers should see their representatives in it.
Another important point is this that in the issue of negotiation, we need internal, regional and global consensus.
Any decision that made by the leaders of government should take place in coordination with international community. No doubt, some world powers are in hurry. The main concern is this that in coordination with some politicians, these powers to act unilaterally. The leaders of government should first establish internal consensus and then formation of world consensus is simple and easy. Now, the stance of Arg is this that the intra-Afghan dialogue with Taliban should begin after clearance of result of election while some politicians and a number of countries are hurrying more and it is possible they would not await till clearance of result of elections. There are some concerns that great powers to begin intra-Afghan dialogue unilaterally with those Afghan politicians who didn’t attend in election process.
If once more, like Moscow February meeting the government have no representative in intra-Afghan dialogue, it would not be in the benefit of Afghanistan. In intra-Afghan dialogue all forces should have presence beside government. Inclusive negotiation means that government have also powerful presence in it. With the absence of government, in no way, inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue would never be formed. If the intra-Afghan dialogue be formed sans presence of government but the outside government politicians to attend, this shows dispersion and disappointment. The meeting that not be inclusive has no success behind. Arg and its political oppositions who are gathering under the umbrella of republican system should refrain from onerous approach. The government also cannot meet with Taliban in the absence of political forces and vice versa the leaders of political forces cannot meet with Taliban in the absence of government. In meeting with the Taliban, both sides should be coordinated and draw the international community towards their selves. When a consensus be existed inside of the country, the foreign countries also would not support from the moves that form parallel with each other in negotiation with Taliban. The Kabul political class also shouldn’t permit the experience of Moscow meeting to be repeated again. 

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