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Doha talks should help fulfill commitments

The country’s acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, leading a high-ranking delegation is now in Qatar for talks with U.S. special representative for Afghanistan as well as the European Union representatives.
The Islamic Emirate delegation is consisted of representatives from the ministries of Education, Health, Finance, Security, as well as Da Afghanistan Bank the country’s central bank.
Some key issues including recognition of the legal system of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, unfreezing money and continuation of humanitarian assistance for the people of Afghanistan had been part of the agenda to be discussed between the two sides. In the past, numerous meetings have been held on Afghanistan, discussing various issues, chiefly peace and security, but nothing tangible has so far been made for the country.
Systems changed, mostly as a result of interferences from some certain malicious circles inside and outside the country, did nothing except creating hard economic and social conditions for the people.
Also, in Afghanistan, foreigners’ backed elections failed to elect an honest and a real service-providing leader for the destitute and poverty-battered nation.
This indicates that all what happened wrong in the country were the result of interferences of the aliens.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, unilaterally, waited long to find a solution to the problems, following Doha peace agreement, but nothing was seen clear from the ex-government to make sure that either it
reconciles, resigns or peacefully transfer the power.
The Islamic Emirate has not taken Kabul by force in order the world to avoid recognizing it, rather it filled a power vacuum to prevent more disorder, burglary and looting public property.
Also, the IEA is making every effort for fully ensuring human rights and supporting girls’ education.
On the other hand, the people are suffering serious poverty and the flow of the world humanitarian aids to Afghanistan will not do for them more than the money frozen by the west.
So, the world has no excuse to not recognize the Islamic Emirate and the west not to unfreeze the people assets.
The Doha conference to be meaningful and the previous commitments to become practical.
The ongoing meeting should take in mind the problems of the Afghan people and help unfreeze their asset, as the move would prevent the flee of thousands of people from the country and stabilize the
country’s economy.
This is a very important opportunity and both sides should take advantage of the opportunities to overcome the available crisis.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.