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Doha meeting should focus on realities, reflect progress in Afghanistan

According to a statement from Arg—the office of the Islamic Emirate’s Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo, has urged the Islamic Emirate to participate in the upcoming third Doha meeting on Afghanistan. The UN Under-Secretary-General and her accompanying delegation, in a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, described the third Doha meeting as a good opportunity to expand interactions and normalize Afghanistan’s relations with the world. However, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the participation of the Islamic Emirate in the meeting was conditional on the international acceptance of the Islamic Emirate’s demands. The meeting in addition to the World Bank, will be attended by representatives from several international organizations and countries. Although, the Under-Secretary-General said that the Islamic Emirate’s conditions for participation were not difficult and hoped a delegation from Afghanistan would participate. The main reason for the Islamic Emirate’s refusal to participate in similar meetings is that such meetings have frequently been organized with invitations from the Islamic Emirate to send its representatives, but nothing tangible had been seen from them nor any fruitful outcomes, they had at the end about the country’s situation. Doha and other countries have time and again held similar conferences, mostly on Afghanistan’s situation, but the organizers mostly talked about their own interested agendas rather than focusing on the realities in Afghanistan. Anyway, the UN-led Doha meeting should talk about and reflect on the realities, and roughly progress in the field of security, construction and reconstruction in Afghanistan which helps provide an appropriate opportunity for friendly relations between the Islamic Emirate and the world. Such meetings would absolutely encourage the Islamic Emirate to any meeting expected to be held on Afghanistan. Anyway, the upcoming Doha meeting, with the participants of different views is expected to come to a consensus Afghanistan under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate is on the way to progress and the world countries have to strengthen their engagement with the Islamic Emirate. The U.S. should be asked to unfreeze billions of U.S. dollars in Afghanistan assets, revise its policy with the Islamic system and do its best to finally recognize the Islamic Emirate. The people of Afghanistan express hope that the Doha meeting to provide assistance in various fields for Afghanistan, not only in the field of economics, but, also in the field of politics, as the Afghans suffer more from this aspect rather than others. Economic growth, which has a direct link to international cooperation under a strong interaction with the world, healthcare services which can highlight the interest of the world countries towards the Afghan nation (who are desperately waiting for high-level treatments and who have to sell all their properties to treat their patients in other countries) and finally helping the newly restored Islamic system to enter a friendly dialogue with the neighboring countries to fully opening of their borders to the people of each other, are the impatient expectations of the Afghans from the Doha conference. The Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations in a meeting with Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate, has also said that the upcoming Doha meeting on Afghanistan would address financial, banking, drug trafficking, and climate change issues, among other issues. This is to be noted that meeting of the UN Under-Secretary-General with the failed former government officials, would do nothing with the ongoing situation of the people and the system of Afghanistan. If they were able to do something for the war-and-economic-ravaged nation, they would continue being the leaders. But are now left alone as they left the nation alone. They have no place among the people and they are not welcomed by the nation. They have failed in their exams to the Afghans, a nation who wanted wise leadership, good governance, sure security and inclusive peace and progress in various fields. No delegation from other countries or representatives from other organizations should waste their time attending meetings or entering direct or indirect talks with the former so-called republic regimes’ officials, as they had nothing except defaming Afghanistan. All that they did was for their own pockets. They worked for the aliens, looted Afghanistan property, neglected the development of Afghanistan and defamed the country by unleashing unconditional freedom for the women and girls of an Islamic society, under the so-called democratic system which was the commonplace culture and spiteful gift of the Western countries. M. Noor Khahani

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