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Doha meeting mere symbolic, Hammad

KABUL: One of the country’s political analysts Abdul Haq Hammad denied Monday [this week] if something happens wrong or against the Islamic Emirate interests, as the incumbent Islamic system rejected the UN invitation for participation in the Doha meeting. “A meeting was held in May last year apart from the participation of the Islamic Emirate’s representative, but nothing wrong happened and this time, nothing would happen wrong,” said Hammad in an interview with the TOLONews, hours after the start of the Doha meeting, calling the meeting a mere symbolic to convert the public minds. Talking to a round-table organized by the private TV channel about the ongoing meeting on Afghanistan in Doha, the capital of the Arab country of Qatar, Hammad, in an inquiry (the meeting is going on without the participation of the Islamic Emirate representative, what will happen), said ‘nothing will happen.’ “On May last year, a meeting was held with no invitation from the Islamic Emirate, then what happened wrong?” Hammad told the discussion adding the main aim of the meeting was that the western block to take the rein of Afghanistan issue and use Afghanistan for its interest. Over the last one year, after the political visits of the Islamic Emirate to the regional countries, political relations between the Islamic Emirate and the world strengthened, the analyst added. “We won instead of lost, even without the participation of the Islamic Emirate representative in the meaningless meetings,” he observed. “We have not lost, in addition got closer to the world and regional countries over the last one year as much as a great power like China officially sent its ambassador and officially accepted our ambassador,” added Hammad who continued the series was going on in the region. According to him, the Islamic Emirate was stepping up towards development gradually, what he said was a reality of Afghanistan, where both the world and the region have now realized the Islamic Emirate and the current situation of the country. “This is the fact that security has been restored and what the people of Afghanistan hoped over the last forty years, has now been achieved,” said Hammad adding within the Islamic Emirate, there is a single leadership and the senior and junior are distinguished, everything is arranged and all affairs are going on regularly. According to Hammad, they [countries organizing similar meetings] are just trying to change the public minds. “Last year, they gathered and played with the public minds and this year they are again meeting and doing some futile talks. This is not helpful, but, unbeneficial and have no result,” pointing to the similar Doha meetings, the analyst continued. He divided the talks, into two parts; the first, the symbolic one like what is going on in Doha of Qatar and the second, the meetings behind closed doors. The symbolic one is to keep the public minds busy and show America and the west the most powerful in the minds of the people. Returning to the harsh defeat of the Americans and their allies forces in Afghanistan, Hammad narrated someone who told him about an American General who was asked why the Taliban managed to defeat them. “The Taliban are not watching Hollywood films,” the American General was quoted as saying. He likened such meetings to Hollywood films, just shot to convert the public minds and to once again show America and other Western countries most powerful to the minds of the Afghan people. According to him, both such meetings and the Hollywood films are following the same goals; just are being held or shot to show the sober-battling of America and its allies and make the public minds busy. On the other hand, the analyst pointed to the ongoing Middle East dispute and the continued military operation of the Israeli regime in Gaza, lashing out at the United Nations for losing its credibility after failing to control the deadly and indiscriminate attacks on the civilians in Gaza. “The United Nations lost its reliability and the international order faced danger, because, by this, their real features unfolded. They [pointing to the UN] gathered 18 countries to talk on the human rights violations in Afghanistan, while there [in Gaza] in 135 days, up to 25,000 children have lost their lives. 40,000 people are generally reported martyrs,” Hammad continued. The analyst again pointed the finger at the United Nations and the world’s powerful countries for ignoring the highest indiscriminate casualties by the Israeli regime forces in Gaza but focusing on a slight issue of what he said ‘violation of the hijab by some certain women’ in Afghanistan, where the Islamic Emirate has only disciplinary and advisory treatment on the Muslim women to observe their own country’s religiously and traditionally accepted burqa to avoid the western commonplace culture. Tuesday is the end of the second meeting on Afghanistan, which was convened by the UN Secretary-General An tonio Guterres in Doha of Qatar, where the participants talked on Afghanistan’s current situation and that they have apparently wanted to ask the Islamic Emirate to respect human rights and the rights of women and girls to work and educate as well as asking for what they said an inclusive government in Afghanistan under the Islamic system. The assertions come as the Islamic Emirate has long rejected any act violating human rights, particularly the rights of women and girls, saying all these have been ensured within the Islamic sharia laws and those of the accepted Afghan traditions. At the sideline of the Doha meeting, Russian, Iranian and Chinese representatives did not meet with the former Afghan civil society activists, meaning that some of the neighboring countries have realized the current realities of Afghanistan and that the former so-called republic officials or the so-called civil society activists have not deserved meeting as they can do nothing for the welfare of the country or the nation. Nesar Ahmad

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