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Doha meeting, a “fist in the dark”

We are all aware that a meeting was held by the United Nations in Doha, the capital of the Arab country of Qatar, discussing various topics on Afghanistan. But the details of the agenda and the content of the meeting are not still known for Afghans and the meeting took place in an unclear atmosphere. It has been over two years since the takeover of the country Islamic Emirate, numerous meetings about the situation in Afghanistan have been held in different countries, where various issues have been discussed. The talks will be effective and positive when the intentions and goals of the world towards Afghanistan, under the Islamic Emirate, are also based on goodwill and realistic vision, and holding such meetings in an unclear environment and without the participation of the real representatives of the Afghan people, are like a punch that is struck in the dark and will not lead to a favorable result. The United Nations and the countries working on this meeting should know that in Afghanistan after 45 years of insecurity and instability, this is the first time that a strong central government is controlling the entire geography of the country and has ensured 100% security and peace throughout the country. In addition to providing security, peace, and unity of the system; the reconstruction and development of the country were rapidly underway even in the cold season of winter, the works have not stopped in most parts of the country. If the international community wants the freedom, peace and prosperity of Afghanistan, it should hold such meetings inside Afghanistan and discuss all misunderstandings with the incumbent Islamic system and real representatives of Afghans. After the collapse of the republican system and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, the world has not yet officially recognized the Islamic Emirate, although in several countries, the Afghan embassies have been given to the representatives of the Islamic Emirate and they have actually started their work. So, the international community, particularly, the world superpowers should recognize the realities of Afghanistan and deal based on the facts and realities of a country with all infrastructures destroyed and millions of its citizens have either been killed, disabled, or left their residences due to the long war in the country. This is only, the Islamic Emirate that after its takeover of the country, resumed strong work to revitalize most of the country’s infrastructures and refurbish the country’s fragile economy However, from the context of the baseless reports published by this institution, it is known correctly that this organization acts with bias and does not consider the legitimate will of the entire Afghan nation. During the twenty years of occupation, this organization provided biased and false reports and covered up all the crimes of the occupiers and their accomplices. Even now, this organization holds meetings that the people and the Afghan system are not aware of, and they do not know what purposes and diseases are behind these meetings. Therefore, the people of Afghanistan want the United Nations and those involved in the recent meeting in Doha to clarify the topics and details of the agenda of the meeting and inform the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which represents the entire nation of Afghanistan. So that our Islamic and legitimate system, with the advice of the noble people and elders of the country, will take the necessary decision on this matter and take measures considering the national interests of the country

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.