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Doha conference not fruitful unless IEA conditions met

Afghanistan, under the Islamic Emirate, fought for about twenty consecutive years, to oust the occupying foreign forces out of the country in order to implement the Islamic sharia. Thousands of foreign forces armed with light and heavy weapons invaded Afghanistan in order to form a puppet regime so that they could implement their favorite democracy and mislead millions of youths from their Islamic way and encourage them to welcome their own imported commonplace culture. They occupied the whole country with the help of their poppet regime militiamen and killed tens of thousands of Afghans, most of them young generations, under different pretexts such as fighting terrorism and militancy. They poured billions of dollars into Afghanistan from one way and collected them again from another, pretending that they had launched construction projects across the war-ravaged nation. On the other hand, their backed regimes’ officials spared no efforts to loot public properties and promote administrative, financial and moral corruption during the last twenty years of the country’s complete occupation. But, the Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, backed by the people of Afghanistan, did not remain incompetent. They resumed and strengthened their resistance, fought the occupants, and finally kicked them out of the country with the price of losing thousands of young warriors. Both the Islamic Emirate forces and the people of Afghanistan reached their goals, by forcing the occupants to withdraw from their territory. They have now restored a real Islamic system nationwide and are the only decision-makers about the future of the people and the country. Over the last nearly three years of power resumption by the Islamic Emirate, many gatherings and conferences have been held on Afghanistan in some foreign countries, including the country’s neighbors. Some were attended by the Islamic Emirate representatives, while some were not. None of them appeared fruitful as none of them were in the interest of Afghanistan. All of them were in favor of the organizing countries and were aimed to discuss their own issues and concerns only. As the third Doha Conference is expected to be held on Afghanistan, the participation of the Islamic Emirate representative is very important, but, as the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate Zabihullah Mujahid in his briefing with a local media said, the Islamic Emirate, after reviewing the agenda of the meeting, whether it was in the interest of Afghanistan, will participate in the third Doha meeting slated to be held by the end of this month. Issues expected to be discussed in the upcoming third Doha meeting, if proven beneficial for Afghanistan under the Islamic Emirate leadership, would help the Islamic Emirate wholeheartedly take part by its authorized delegation in the upcoming Doha meeting. “Discussions on wider engagement with the Islamic Emirate, lifting restrictions on the Islamic Emirate officials and addressing key issues concerning Afghanistan,” according to Mujahid are the most important issues that would encourage the Islamic system to send its representatives to. But, if Afghanistan’s demands and conditions are not considered and the meeting, like its previous ones, is held to maliciously, portray Afghanistan as a chaotic and disorganized country, as the IEA spokesman stated, no representative from Afghanistan will certainly participate.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.